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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Three: Temperley, Glamorous, and Anna Sui

If you’re counting, that’s one usual brand for Kate; one I’d NEVER have anticipated; and one I thought was just an adjective. Overall, Kate seems to be working a sort of Groovy Hot 70s Mom thing in India, and I am really responding to it. Colors! Patterns! New shapes! (Boring shoes, but such is life.) It’s a wonderful change (even if it’s not to your own personal tastes). And we’ve got a LOT to cover today. First, Wills and Kate met with some of Mumbai’s homeless and vulnerable kids at Salaam Baalak Trust (I really recommend reading that article about that charity; it’s short), then had lunch with the Prime Minister, Narenda Modi, before flying to their event at Kaziranga National Park, which LOOKS AMAZING, and where I believe they are staying. (I actually think they may be staying here, specifically, and it looks tremendous. Let’s all go!) Anyway, whilst there, they attended a celebration of the Assemese New Year, called Bohah Bihu (which Wiki told me actually falls on the 14th this year, so this must be Bohah Bihu Observed, unless I am misunderstanding, which is always possible), at which they appear to be having an amazing time, and which looks like a really memorable life moment.  At one of the events earlier in this tour, Wills gave a speech where he said that Kate told him, when they were just married, that India was the first place she wanted to visit and I think that might have been my response as well if my new royal spouse had asked me, “precious treasure, what is your dream state trip?” Kate’s life has a lot of drawbacks (like the intense scrutiny – note yesterday’s Wind Kerfuffle – and never getting to go anywhere with dirty hair), but getting to do a trip like this is amazing privilege and an unforgettable life experience.

In case you’ve missed any earlier dispatches from the road, you can read them all here.

(PS:  Given that I got kind of philosophical up there, this seems like as good a time as any to remind you — or let you know — that the paperback of The Royal We comes out two weeks from today! Pre-order it, and enjoy Nick, Bex, and Freddie before you know it.)

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Two, Part Two: Emilia Wickstead and Temperley London

In case you missed the first part of today’s coverage, it lives here. It’s mostly me storming off in a huff in the middle of the night, though. THIS is basically your real post. And now that I’ve had time to live with it, I don’t hate Kate’s Boob Flaps on her first look of the day as much as I did last night, although I still think they are a mistake. Last night, I hated them with a raging, boiling passion and this morning, it’s more of a dull simmer of irritation. It helps that she wore her second look of the day to a birthday party (for the Queen) wherein a cake was cut with a sword, and said second look was GREAT. Let’s start with the good.

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Two, Part One: Emilia Wickstead

Okay! I have been trying to figure out how best to cover this trip logistically, given that I need to be able to sleep (or so I have been informed by medical professionals). I’m going to break today’s events — of which there are several — into two posts. My plan was to bring you first this one, our Traditional Middle of the Night Wills & Kate Tour Update Post, and then, after they got onto a plane to fly to New Delhi, I was going to head off to bed. However, the pictures are taking FOREVER to come in from this event, so I’m going to leave you with this, as an appetizer:

Later today — like, when the sun comes back up again –  I’m going to cover the REST of today’s events, and finagle some proper pics of this particular dress from more angles, and in high res, so make sure to pop back later. I LOVED everything Kate wore yesterday, but so far today…I have major concerns. For example: Boob flaps. They’re rarely a good idea. On the other hand, we’ve also got a (slightly) colorful shoe, finally. Everything in life is a trade-off, apparently. It’s so unfair.

PS: Shout-out to Wills’s skinnier trousers. I approve.

PPS: All the posts from this tour will live here, as well. Just in case you need them in one handy spot; I don’t know your life!



Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day One: Alexander McQueen, Anita Dongre, Jenny Packham

And we’re off! It’s only the first day, and we’ve already got patterns, and sunglasses, and sports, and gowns, and I am delighted to report that I love all these dresses. It’s all very auspicious. (Housekeeping note: I might have another post from today go up tonight, in case more good photos come in after I get back from our event at the Festival of Books this afternoon, like of the back of Kate’s updo. Stay tuned, but rest assured, we’ve got all of today’s major events covered, and will, of course, be back tomorrow.)

We’ve also got video of W&K’s arrival at tonight’s Bollywood charity gala, and let me just say that these two look REALLY perky and chipper, especially for people who took a red eye to Mumbai and then had a full day of sports:

I’m exhausted and it’s just because I got up at dawn on a Sunday to write this. (I mean, I am definitely a hero. But still.) That said, they never look happier or more relaxed than when they are out of the country, and so far, this trip is no exception. Personally, I am already finding this look at India, and the salutes to local designers and artists, totally fascinating, and it’s only day one. I’ve always wanted to visit; I do not think this trip is going to puncture my wanderlust. Shall we get right into it?

PS: Thanks to the brilliant overnight work at What Kate Wore for the designer credits; as ever, the tour coverage there is stellar.

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Royally Played, Wills and Kate in Saloni London

In which Kate once again tried to figure out what the hell to wear to a cocktail reception. For one CRAAAZY second, I thought this was a JUMPSUIT. It is not.

Saloni is a brand by a Indian designer Saloni Lodha– which makes sense, as this was a reception, per Kensington Palace, ” to meet young Indian and Bhutanese people living in the UK” prior to the kick off of W&K’s tour of India and Bhutan, which starts on Sunday, and which I will OF COURSE be covering here at length. Kate previously wore Saloni here, and there’s been a lot of speculation that she will repeat that exact dress next week, which I think is a safe bet, although I do pray that George has fed her McQueen belt to the family goat. I hope she’s just asking everyone what they think she ought to do with her hair.


I do love seeing people in traditional attire. It’s always so pretty and interesting.


Royals Round-Up, April 1st, 2016

We have beaucoup folks heading out in their Easter finest today!

ALSO! The paperback of The Royal We — with bonus chapter! — comes out on April 26th, and Heather and I will be at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books on April 9th and 10th. All the details on both of these developments are here!

And elsewhere:

– Floridians, you can still get tickets to the Invictus Games, if you want to go stalk Prince Harry. I mean, er, see them.

People has a long and interesting piece about the Spencer Tiara.

– And I always love Jewel History at The Court Jeweller. Today, it’s Lady Salisbury Chagrined (1888).

– The Duchess Kate blog has a nice big post about everything we can look forward to seeing during W&K’s visit to India and Bhutan. Let me be totally honest and say that I CANNOT WAIT for this trip.

– Also at People, some speculation about what Kate might bring to India. (To wear, I mean. Not like, her reading material and crosswords books.)

REELZ is doing a FOUR-PART documentary about Wills and Kate’s romance, airing on April 18th and April 25th. I won’t be able to watch parts one and two — and, let’s be real, I am sure I know everything in it anyway due to…my life — because Heather and I will be in the UK that week, but I’d be very interested to hear y’all’s take on it.

– The Stir brings us a look at all of Kate’s brooches. So far.

– I enjoyed this story about William and a patient whom he treated in Ye Olde Aire Ambulence. (Royal Central)

Tatler has a quiz to determine which member of the royal family you are.

– This is a wonderful piece in the New York Times about Lock & Co. Hatters.

– — Did you guys watch The Queen at 90? I haven’t had a moment yet. Feel free to discuss in the comments, however!

And, after the jump, some of the noteworthy Royals Instagrams and Tweets of the Week:
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Royals Round-Up, March 25th, 2016

So, this Royals Round-Up is tonally rather varied, as it contains both a truly amazing ballgown from Beatrice Borromeo-Casiraghi, but also Queen Mathilde and King Philippe making an appearance in the aftermath of Tuesday’s terrible events in Brussels, which is obviously quite sobering and sad. I know that at least a few of our readers hail from Belgium, and I hope it goes without saying that we hope you and yours are okay, and we are thinking of you with love.

In case you missed it on Wednesday, we had AMPLE coverage of Prince Harry’s trip to Nepal.

And, elsewhere:

– You know that ITV documentary they’re airing about the Queen? From Berkshire to Buckingham did yeoman’s work to bring us snaps of Kate in a dress I personally have been dying to see. (Also, the clips for this doc make me laugh. OF COURSE everyone is like, “oh, the Queen. She’s so wonderful. She’s so welcoming. She’s a treasure.”  Which, I am sure she is a treasure — I personally treasure her! — but Kate can hardly sit down, light a cigarette and tell the producers, “honestly, I’m terrified of her.”)

Hello! also has an excerpt from the documentary, courtesy of Sophie Wessex, which is quite diverting.

– The Court Jeweller takes a look at one of my favorite tiaras.

– Prince Albert called up People to tell them that the twins are talking now.

– I really liked the Royal Hats blog’s flashback this week.

– ACK the new pictures of baby Prince Oscar are SOOOO CUTE. (People)

– This is…well, just look at it:

– William is apparently in Kenya? WHO KNEW. Oh, wait. I did. He’s there for his ex Jecca Craig’s wedding, which is being held at the ranch where he and Kate got engaged. (Kate didn’t go.) Anyway, he popped in to see the President of Kenya while he’s there for the weekend: