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Well Played, The Obamas, the Cambridges, Harry, and George

Late breaking awesomeness! And I’m dying. The robe! The rocking horse! (Which was a gift from the Obamas when George was born.) The inside of the Wills and Kate KP apartment, for the first time! LITERAL PIANO PICS.


Also, so many thoughts: Kate looks great and is still, as Heather just said to me, high on the success of her Highly Patterned Trip! Michelle looks like she decided to dress Kate Style, except with jazzier shoes! President Obama holds an umbrella for his wife! People are gossiping!  Honestly, I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED I wasn’t invited to this party.

PS: We covered POTUS and FLOTUS’s visit with QE2 and Phil earlier today, in Royals Round-Up (along with a LOT of other stuff. We saw the Queen!).

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Royals Round-Up: April 22nd, 2016

As we’ve mentioned previously, Heather and I happen to be in the UK this week, thanks to Visit Britain, and it’s been WONDERFUL thus far, but never more so than when this happened:

So we saw the Queen today. !!!!!! #OMGB #royalbritain #Queenat90

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We were in Windsor for the day, but I had NO IDEA we’d end up on the front lines of Her Majesty’s birthday walkabout. It was, I must admit, extremely exciting to be present in person for such a milestone — as an Anglophile, a lover of history in general, and someone who’s written about royals both real and fictional for some time now. Heather and I both feel very lucky to have gotten to see her (and Philip, who is QUITE tall and spry in person). Lots of snaps from yesterday at Windsor in the slideshow, as well as other shenanigans. President Obama is here this weekend to have lunch with QE2 today, and then he and Michelle are having an event with Wills and Kate and Harry Friday night. I will definitely write about all of those events, but I’m not totally sure when I’ll get to tonight’s — possibly Saturday, depending on where I am when the photos come in. (I mean, I will be in Scotland. But I might not get to it until later than usual.) It’s going to be in their apartment in KP, so let’s all be on alert for piano pictures. In case you missed it here this week: –  We’re voting on our favorite look from Kate’s trip to India and Bhutan. — Wills and Harry visited the set of Star Wars and it was awesome. Chewbacca dispensed hugs. – There were new portraits of the Queen released yesterday in honor of her birthday, and they involve tiny children, dogs, and Princess Anne. This post also has loads of pics from our trip. — And you can see more pics from our trip over at Facebook. (We will be posting more pics later!) — The paperback of The Royal We comes out on Tuesday, and you can still enter to win copies, and a prize pack from the UK! And in other news, I don’t know if we’re going to get better snaps of this, but:

Also, this happened:

More pics to come later, but I think I speak for us all when I say, “!!!!” The dressing gown! Obama with kids! The inside of the KP apartment!

People has good coverage of the very interesting BBC interview with Wills, which we saw much of while we were in London earlier. (As you can imagine, being here this week was VERY helpful for my job, although we tragically missed Elizabeth at 90.) His face goes full Aggressively Pleasant at one point; I almost called him Nick when I saw it.

– Also at People, Prince Carl Philip and Sofia have had their son and taken him home. His name is Prince Alexander Erik Bertil Hubertus.

Vogue UK has a good piece about this exhibit of QE2′s clothes that’s currently at Holyrood House, which we saw today, and which we are going to write about more in depth later. It is FANTASTIC and I highly recommend it; there’s going to be HUGE version of it at Buckingham Palace this summer, as well. It’s really, really well done. Also: so far, Holyroodhouse is the palace at which I MOST feel I could live, house-wise, thus far, in terms of the livability of its staterooms. DISCUSS. (I haven’t been to Balmoral or Sandringham.)

– I love this piece in The Telegraph about the Queen’s 90 years of style.

– Also at The Telegraph are 90 pictures for 90 years.

– ALSO at The Telegraph is a very interesting piece about the new recent stamps of Prince George.

– Via Harper’s Bazaar: Nine of the Queen’s unexpected powers and privileges

– At ArtNet: Celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday With Favorite Shots From Her Royal Photographer

– The Brits are hiring a new social media manager, which I feel like we all suggested. I want one of you to apply! (Mashable)

– At Order of Splendor, a salute to the Queen’s favorite tiara.



Royally Played: Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II

I know this is the sort of thing that would normally go into Royals Round-up, but I didn’t want to wait for Friday to wish the Queen a happy 90th, and to eyeball the new family photos, full of kids and purses and cardigans. It’s a very noteworthy birthday, and the Queen looked quite charming yesterday for various celebrations, plus, you know, GEORGE.

In related news, as you are probably aware, right now Heather and I are actually in Great Britain for the Queen’s birthday, thanks to the kind invitation of Visit Britain, and we are going to Windsor today to hang out with her (just kidding — other than in the sense that the three of us will all be simultaneously in Windsor even as you read this; edited to add that, if you follow us on social, you probably saw that we were VERY CLOSE to Her Majesty today, actually, and it was quite exciting.).  We’ve been doing tons of SnapChats (we are FugGirls there), and tweeting and Instagramming it up, but I’m going to put some highlights from our respective Instagrams after the jump, including my newest commemorative mug, if you want to see what we’ve gotten up to. There is a giant piece of meat on a spit, if that entices you? You can also check out photos from the trip so far on our Facebook page, here — there are landmarks ahoy, tapestries, Sherlock locations, the hotel where Kate spent her last night as a single lady, and other various shenanigans.

Let’s begin with the photos the Royal Family shared on Instagram:

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Royally Played: Wills and Harry Visit Star Wars

It’s like William felt guilty leaving Harry at home while he and Kate ran all over India and Bhutan and had to come up with a special treat to make up for it. This is a good one. (Also, apologies that this is a littler later than usual; Heather and I are in London, stalking Harry right now. Er, I mean, on a trip hosted by Visit Britain! We are having the best time running around the city. Please join us on SnapChat, if you haven’t, for daily updates. We are FugGirls on there. We’re also updating on Twitter a lot at the moment. Yesterday I got to turn the spit at the kitchen at Hampton Court! It was awesome). )

Also, this happened:

Look at that little noodle! Am I going to have to buy stamps with Prince George’s gleeful little mug on them?


Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan: Kate’s Wardrobe Retrospective

We did this when they took their tour of Australia and New Zealand, and I thought it was entertaining. After all, who doesn’t love to vote? Let’s pass some judgement and decide which of Kate’s tour ensembles most tickled our collective fancy. Collectively speaking, I think this may be Kate’s most successful tour yet. So many patterns and colors! Here’s hoping she takes a bit of this feeling and brings it home. (If you feel you need to revisit each outfit in greater detail, the entire tour can be found here.)

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Seven: Alexander McQueen and Naeem Khan

THE TAJ MAHAL! What an excellent big finish for this trip — and, of course, a very symbolic one, given that it’s (a) possibly the world’s most famous symbol of love, and (b) the site of one of Diana’s most melancholy photos. How nice for Wills to get a chance to write a happier story there. (I actually spoke to Time magazine about that briefly last week.) And in other important news: I have been HIGHLY enamored of Kate’s wardrobe on this trip, and she went out with a bang, courtesy, AT LAST, of my beloved NAEEM KHAN.

PS: If you’d like to look at their entire trip in one place, you can do that here. This trip was quite fun, wasn’t it? Let’s do it again sometime.

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Wills and Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan, Day Six: Beulah, Jaeger

Bhutan looks amazing, and I really wish I could visit, and I would LOVE to arrive at the top of this mountain and see this gorgeous, historic monastery,  and this majestic vista. And yet I am ALSO glad that no one made me hike for several hours this morning, so, you know…we’ll call it even today, Kate. Kinda. Okay, not really, because I covet tonight’s dress mightily. It is simply divine.

I bring you a little extra A/V assistance today. I think my favorite part of this is how you can see all the reporters/security/their personal retinue etc scrambling after them –  although also I think much of the press pack went ahead of them, to be there when they arrived (you know I love Royal Logistics):

I feel like, if you’re not in good shape for a looooooooooong stroll up a mountain in very high altitude, you probably found yourself wishing you’d trained harder for this about twenty minutes in. Emily Andrews at The Sun made me laugh when she noted they weren’t really tweeting much on the hike because they were all too busy trying to breath and also service is bad at the top of a mountain.

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No, YOU’RE a little cheeky.

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