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Royally Played: Wills and Kate (and other people) at Royal Ascot

Lots of firsts today: It’s the first time Wills and Kate have come to Royal Ascot together, and we also learned today that Wills is July’s cover model for Attitude magazine, making him the first member of the British Royal Family photographed for the cover of a gay magazine. Good on you, dude. (The cover is also good; you can see it at that link, and I’m sure I’ll cover it in Royals Round-Up this week, as well.) It is also the first time Kate has worn these beige shoes wherein I have thought, “yeah, those might have been the right call.” WONDERS WILL NEVER CEASE. In case you were wondering, this is the D&G dress Kate wore for the Queen’s horsey Birthday Spectacular, which I HATED at the time, but which I actually think looks fantastic today, so that is also a first.

And, ergo, onto Royal Ascot, where — speaking of Royals Round-Up — we also got a cameo from Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary.

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Royally Played: Wills and Kate and Harry…and a Bunch of Other British Royals

Whoops, this accidentally turned into a little Tuesday afternoon British Royals Round-Up. They all just went to a lot of places today, it seems: Wills and Kate signed the condolence book for the victims of the massacre in Orlando at the American Embassy in London this morning, then went on to their previously-scheduled garden party in Northern Ireland, whilst Harry and a variety of his family popped out for the first day at Royal Ascot. (There is a rumor that Wills and Kate are going this year. WE’LL JUST SEE ABOUT THAT.)

On the clothing front, while I really like the dress Kate worn to sign the condolence book (that is a weird sentence to type, tonally), I am not so hot on what she wore to today’s garden party. Not so hot at all. Pretty cold. Lukewarm, at best.

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Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge at The Order of the Garter Service in Catherine Walker

First of all, in case you missed it, we had some royals coverage over the weekend you might be interested in eyeballing. First, Saturday was Trooping The Colour, which brought us both Charlotte and George, and Sunday was the Patron’s Lunch for QE2, which brought us The Trio riding around in an open-topped Range Rover and the Queen getting photobombed by an enterprising bird. Today is the British Royal Family’s day to dress up in foofy costumes and test the depth of their beloved’s passion because, as I say every year, if you can look at bae in a giant velvet hat with feathers and still think he’s dreamy, you really think he’s dreamy.

PS: If you think Kate’s red Catherine Walker ensemble looks familiar, it’s because she wore it when they visited Canada in 2011. Her hat — which I misidentified as new, originally (sorry) is also a recycle: She wore it with her red McQueen at the Queen’s jubilee in 2011 (a red ensemble that I prefer to this one, overall, actually.)

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Royally Played: The Patron’s Lunch To Celebrate The Queen’s 90th Birthday

I cannot just launch into blabbing about Kate’s dress without acknowledging the horrible, heartbreaking tragedy that occurred in Orlando early this morning. Equality Florida (that state’s LGBT civil rights organization) has set up a Go Fund Me to aid the victims of the shooting. We’ve tweeted additional ways to help at our Twitter feed (for example, at the moment, Orlando-area hospitals are in desperate need of blood; we’ve also tweeted info about contacting your elected representative if you feel the urge to do so).  To all our friends celebrating Pride this weekend (and any other day of the year), we love you.

My heart is heavy today. But the show must go on, and, to quote Ross Geller, I am going to PIVOT! to discuss today’s ensembles. I hope that Harry’s ginger beard may help all of us to feel a little bit better.

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Royally Played: Trooping The Colour

I was all Snooty McDoubtful yesterday about the rumor that Charlotte would be attending today’s festivities and LO HOW WRONG I WAS. (I sort of forgot that Wills&Kate would want her there for this particular Birthday To-Do, given that it’s the Queen’s 90th.) Which means that today I can bring you extremely feisty ROYAL BABIES, along with the Queen resplendent in lime green like a beautiful royal Popsicle,  Camilla wearing the traditional GIANT WREATH on her head, princes in uniforms, wacky hats, and ceremonial carriage rides.

PS: If Kate’s ensemble looks familiar, it’s because it’s the Alexander McQueen she wore for Charlotte’s christening. If William’s outfit looks familiar, it’s because he wears it every year (and also at their wedding).

There is also video of everyone coming out to the balcony, which is pretty cute:

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Royals Round-Up, June 10, 2016

Including LOADS of Wills and Kate and Harry (and everyone else) at this morning’s National Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday, cute babies, and Maxima waving around a megaphone. Oh my god, you guys. These next few days are going to have SO MUCH STUFF. In addition to today’s events,  tomorrow is Trooping the Colour (we should see George; rumor has it they’re also bringing Charlotte, but I would personally be surprised). Sunday marks the Queen’s birthday party on The Mall, which Wills and Kate and Harry are all attending. Monday is Order of the Garter. Tuesday, Ascot starts. Then Ascot Ascot Ascot Ascot Ascot. What I’m saying is, if you enjoy British Royals Shenanigans, I will have them for you over the next few days in GREAT ABUNDANCE. If you find that British Royals Shenanigans fill you with a boiling, flames on the side of your face-style rage…maybe start your guided mediation now?

Previously here at GFY, yesterday: this is one of my favorite formal looks of Kate’s EVER.

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Royally Played: The Duchess of Cambridge in Roland Mouret at the SportsAid Dinner

Oh my god, you guys. This is actually really good. It’s possibly the most modern thing she’s ever worn. (And considering we heard this event might be the dreaded cocktail wear — Kate’s own personal wardrobe Waterloo — I was REALLY BRACING myself.)

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