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Royals Round-Up, July 17th, 2015

First off, big news: The Royal We is now available in English in e-book form in many many MANY MANY countries, one of which is probably yours! It’s on e-book in Australia and New Zealand and the UK and Germany and France and Spain and Brazil and India and LOTS of places, as of Wednesday. And, in most of these places, it’s currently on massive (massive) sale, so snap it up while you can — it should be on all platforms that you use for your e-book reading, from Kindle to Kobo, but here are the Amazon links for those of you in the countries where GFY has the most readers, just for ease of use:

And now, onto the business at hand! In this week’s slideshow, first of all, Princess Estelle is adorable. Second, Princess Charlene has never seemed so happy. Finally, Letizia looks awesome in sunglasses. Plus Wills starts his new job, and other stuff.

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Royals Round-Up, July 10th, 2015

This is a nice, juicy Royals Round-Up for your Friday, complete with leftover bits and bobs from Charlotte’s Christening and Wimbledon, drinking, darts, tiaras, and a TINY PIGLET. (An actual piglet. That was not a euphemism.)

Here are GFY this week, we:



Royally Played: Princess Charlotte’s Christening Photos

Is it terrible that the second thing I thought when I saw these photos — after, “wow, these are really great!” — was, “Mario Testino is so good at artfully cropping William’s bald spot to his best advantage”? But he is, you guys, and that’s a very valuable skill.

[Photos: Getty, Mario Testino]


Royally Played: Wills and Kate at Wimbledon

In which sunglasses are worn, a new red L.K. Bennett is debuted, and we all learn that Kate got a haircut. (Sometimes, when you’re home at your summer pile with two small children and you get tired of gardening, you think to yourself, “You know what I need? I need layers.”)

[Photos: Getty]


Royally Played, Princess Charlotte’s Christening

a) Can I interest you in two squirmy royal babies and a McQueen coatdress on a Sunday morning? I THOUGHT SO.

b) If you’re interested in Charlotte’s godparents, People of course has the whole scoop. Essentially, it’s two cousins (a Spencer [basically] and a Middleton) and the other four are Kate and Wills’s actual close friends. (Not to insinuate that they’re not actually close with their cousins — I assume they are — but just that they didn’t choose, like, Posh Old Person We Don’t Really Know But Have To Honor For Boring Royal Reasons for the other spots.)

c) George looks SUPER Traditional Royal Baby, in a new outfit that’s a match to the one Wills wore to meet Harry when he was born, which is really sweet. It’s certainly a nice shout-out to Uncle Harry, who is in Africa at the moment but I assume the Queen held up her iPhone the entire time so he could Facetime the ceremony while he ate dinner. Kate is REALLY into Vintage Baby Outfits and Meaningful Clothes for People, which makes sense given that she’s got an Art History degree, but which I also think is really smart. It’s also interesting, which frankly is basically all I care about it. (PS: If you want to revisit George’s christening, that post is here and Harry IS there. You know. If you miss him, or whatever.

d) Obviously, Charlotte is in a re-wear. (PS: Mario Testino is taking the Official Family Photos, probably as I type; we’ll definitely post them once they’re released.) To the church!

PS: The Telegraph has video of the walk to and from the church, that you will probably want to watch. (George, at one point, makes a run for it.)

[Photos: Getty]


Royals Round-Up, July 2, 2015

Why yes, it IS Thursday. We are kicking off early this week to celebrate the 4th of July holiday (and also because all the celebs have ALSO kicked off early this week and we have nothing to talk about). But never fear! Princess Charlotte’s christening is happening on Sunday (yes, George is scheduled to attend), and I will be back at my desk to cover it here — as well as any potential Royals Wimbledon Appearances (although Wills and Kate aren’t supposed to attend until Wednesday)– so make sure to pop back in before Monday, in between your BBQing and cocktailing and setting off fireworks and swimming and falling in love over potato salad (I decided you’re going to fall in love with someone over potato salad) this weekend. This week’s Royals Round-Up brings you ice cream and maxi-dresses, which also seems seasonally appropriate, but not a ton of actual people, because they’re all holed up in their country houses with a G&T right now.

PS: If you are looking for something to read this long holiday weekend, and you haven’t read THE ROYAL WE yet, here is a gentle suggestion that you take it to the beach/pool/BBQ/silent retreat/family reunion this weekend! (Readers in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, the e-book will finally be available for you as of [I am pretty sure] July 15th!) Also! If you missed it when we posted it originally, here’s the post detailing how we created the alternate universe for the Lyons dynasty to exist whilst not rewriting ALL of British history.

While we wait for all that good stuff to happen, please enjoy: