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Royally Played: Prince Harry Visits New Zealand

You may have read or watched the interview that came out with Harry yesterday, wherein he notes that he wants to settle down and have babies (and have someone to go on these trips with) and I am sure I am not the first person who’s had this reaction even in the last twenty minutes but: I VOLUNTEER. Although we haven’t got any time to waste, and also he’s going to have to be okay with my taking notes the whole time for future, theoretical books. Which I suspect I will have to write under a pseudonym to avoid Awkward Family Fights at Christmas. God. Even this fantasy is too complicated. Never mind. (OR AM I JUST TRYING TO THROW YOU OFF THE SCENT? Keep an eye out for Heather’s new writing partner Jessamyn Flagon, making a mysterious appearance on the scene in late 2017, is what I am saying.) In other news, this entire tour is just him being charming with children and, like, cradling amphibians. It’s really playing to his strengths.

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Royals Round-Up, May 8th, 2015

Well. This was QUITE A WEEK. This week’s slideshow repeats some baby pictures, just because I was out of the office for all of the Debut of Princess Squashyface — er, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana — and I want to do some squeeing and I assume you all want to look at baby pictures again and also I think now that we’ve all recovered from BABY, we can give Wills some props for not wearing giant hideous Dad Jeans; a LOT of Prince Harry, who took his leave of Australia; and a wee bit here and there from the other royals, whom I assume mostly spent the rest of the week reading about Princess Charlotte, as I did. In case you missed all the fuss, Yahoo has video of Wills and Kate popping out with the sprog; you can see Prince George giving us his royal wave at YouTube.

Here on GFY, we were chockablock with ROYAL BABIES. To wit:

Additionally: Heather and I are going to be in Chicago for the Printers Row Lit Fest, and finally we have a time and date for our event! We’ll be chatting with Beth Fenner, Editor-in-Chief of Chicago Magazine, on Saturday, June 6th, at 1pm, about The Royal We, this here blog, and whatever else you want to ask us, after which we will be signing books and chatting you up! We are VERY EXCITED to finally visit Chicago, so please come out and see us! (And it feels especially apt that we’re visiting for this book, given that Bex is a massive Cubs fan.)

And elsewhere, we have SO MUCH TO READ:


Well Played, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

And she is here: Baby Oates Costello Peele Joon Hammerstein Recreation. And she is no more a spare than any of them are. She’s her own person, and even with the tongue-in-cheek Heir and Spare gag, we hope she doesn’t ever feel superfluous — and, indeed, the fact that she’s probably not going to have to wear any hand-me-downs ought to help (unless Sophie Wessex trucks over a bunch of Lady Louise’s things). It’s very exciting. I’d have been THRILLED if George got his own Harry, but the idea of him tugging on his little sister’s pigtails is pretty irresistible too.

Anyway, the UK custom is for healthy moms and babies to be released a bit sooner than over here, but even so, the erstwhile Kate Middleton came out about ten hours after delivering the baby — and had to do it in public, with nary a wince nor a whimper, lest her birth pain become world news. That takes some guts. Hopefully now they can all relax for a bit before the summer Christening, slated to happen before the Queen alights to Balmoral.

If you missed it, here is George’s hospital arrival, and here is Fug Nation’s Speculative Naming Post.*

[*I edited this Monday morning to include Princess Charlotte's actual name, now that we know it. Not that Princess Oates doesn't have a melodious ring to it- J]

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Well Played, Prince George and Prince William: Visiting The New Baby

This was only the third fourth time George has been photographed on British soil NOT by illicit means, I think: the first was his birth, and the second, at that Polo match where Kate brought him to see William play (and then also the Christening, which is the one I forgot, oops, and apparently I’m also not counting the official family pics… whatever; it’s a rare moment of official SPONTANEITY, is what I mean).

The little dude didn’t disappoint: He is still darling and so serious and snuggly and CHEEKS. His visit was reportedly pretty brief; I’m sure he was like, “PLEASE GIVE IT BACK MUMMY IT’S WRIGGLY WHY IS IT SO LOUD MUMMY AND WILL IT ALWAYS BE SCRUNCHY AND IT HAD BEST NOT TAKE MY TOYS MUMMY WHERE IS MY TEA.”

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Royals Round-Up Special Announcement: It’s A Girl!

We have a princess, everyone!


Kate had the baby — 8 lbs, 3oz — at 8:34 AM in London this morning (she only got to the hospital at 6:30am so they must have waited as long as humanly possible), whilst we Americans were (mostly) asleep. What Kate Wore live-blogged it all (well, you know. What the public knows. She wasn’t in the delivery room or anything) if you want to catch up. I don’t know if Kate and Wills and the new princess (!!) will be leaving the hospital today, but they may well be, and of course we will cover that  — I just wanted to toss up this post because we obviously need a place to DISCUSS. Place your bet on possible names now! (You know I’ve been saying Alice since the beginning. Although now that Alice is #1 in the running, I have my doubts, but it’s too late to change now.)

Edited Monday, May 4th: We have a name! Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I think it’s absolutely lovely, and a salute to a wide variety of people. I really didn’t think they were going to include Diana — simply because it might have seemed too loaded — but I am very glad they did.


Royals Round-Up, May 1, 2015

WHERE IS THAT BABY? At this point, I need Kate to just hold her peace until Tuesday, because I’ve got stuff happening this weekend. In today’s post: Harry looks really hot (he always looks super fit when he’s out running around as a military dude and I APPRECIATE IT), Wills looks like he doesn’t know when the baby is coming either and it’s starting to wear on him, Maxima wears some HATS (including TWO turbans!), and Princess Estelle is still the very cutest.

Here at GFY, in case you missed it, we took a loving look back at Wills and Kate’s wedding. Also, if you have been toying with the idea of getting The Royal We for your e-reader, do it now, because I think they’re going to raise the price. (However, Amazon has LOWERED the price on the hardcover, and I also would suggest that as a lovely gift for the Moms and graduates in your life as we enter Mother’s Day/Graduation time.)