Well! Looks like almost everyone is BACK TO WORK. And therefore, so am I.

Elsewhere around the internet:

Great Britain’s National Trust has started a program examining, in their words, “the histories of slavery and colonialism at the National Trust.”

The Times has this exclusive, if you have a subscription: The Duchess of Cambridge’s photography project: intimate portraits from lockdown Britain

At Vanity Fair: From King James’s Beloved Nobleman to the Infamous Lola Montez, a Brief History of Royal Mistresses (and Masters)

Um, apparently the above was inspired by a tell-all interview with the BBC from King Juan Carlos’s mistress. This whole story is DRAAAAAAMATIC — it has everything from elephants to possible money-laundering to death threats! — and a real mess!

I think I missed this when it happened, but I know y’all love jewelry. Via The Adventurine: See Princess Beatrice’s Diamond Wedding Band.

Speaking of drama, at People: Thailand’s King Reinstates Royal Consort After Stripping Her of Titles for Undermining the Queen

Related, via Reuters, Facebook and the Thai royals are in a legal battle and it’s pretty alarming.

This is fun and educational, at Lilibet’s Handbag: The Designer Diaries – Diana, Princess of Wales, and the Emanuels

Harry and Meghan have signed a deal with Netflix. This feels like the natural next step for them; it’ll be interesting to see what they end up doing there. [Lainey]

And on social media:

These pics are EXTREMELY cute; you definitely want to click through and look at all of them.

This outfit on Sophie is…insane.

Kate’s still working on her photography competition and I’m interested in those plates behind her head:

I must admit, I felt like my fictional world and the real world had briefly melded when I saw Kate was emailing some dude named Nick (Nick is the name of our protagonist’s love interest in The Royal We/The Heir Affair):

This is a good shoe choice:

This has been very interesting:

Let me Google Translate that for you: “It is 75 years since the liberation, and today Crown Prince Haakon started a three-day hike along the historic Refugee Route from Oslo to Sweden. The refugee route is part of the Norwegian Tourist Association’s Historical walking routes. It follows routes used by couriers and refugees who sought safety in Sweden during World War II. Accompanying Crown Prince will be  Tonje Hagatun Nordengen from the Armed Forces, Ayesha Wolasmal who is a humanitarian field worker and has a refugee background herself, and Dag Terje Klarp Solvang, Secretary General of the Norwegian Tourist Association. Along the way, they will meet time witnesses, descendants of borderless people, people who are refugees today and some of those who keep the Refugee Route alive.” (I managed to parse most of what Google Translate did into more readable English, but I’m not quite sure what “time witnesses” is?)

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