And we’re back, with chandelier logistics AND dogs AND good shoes AND tiny children.

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The Queen is like “GET THE DANG VACCINE.” (I paraphrase.) [itv]

This whole story is chilling, at Tatler: Dubai Princess urges UK police to reopen sister’s kidnap case

This is just what I needed. Over at The Court Jeweller, we’ve got a FABERGE SCANDALE!

Vanity Fair asks: How Will Kate Middleton’s Fashion Change When She Becomes Queen Catherine? I believe she will, as tradition dictates, stroll around in pleather hotpants all the days of the year, yes?

Speaking of outfits, I loved this dress: Meghan Markle Wore an Oscar de la Renta Dress for a Surprise Virtual Appearance at Spotify’s Stream On. (I loved it originally too!) [Town & Country]

I haven’t gotten a chance to watch the clips of Harry on James Corden yet (I’m taking my parents for their second vaccine shot today!), but it seems like it was a good segment, and they seem really happy.  (Harry and Meghan, not Harry and James.) (Although I guess James made Harry rap. Please let this all conclude with a Carpool Karaoke where the Queen sings a rousing rendition of “God Bless Me.”) I truly think this whole thing is going to shake out okay for everyone, once the dust settles, and this definitely seems like the right move for their family and their mental health. And on that note, I’m going to ask folks to please keep negative nitpicking about these two to a minimum. Thank you!  [CNN]

At T&C, some updates on this front: Season 5 of The Crown: Everything We Know So Far. (I misread this to say that Carson from Downton was ALSO joining the cast, but tragically that is not [yet!!!!!] true.]

So, this seems…bad? At The Guardian: Prince Charles vetted laws that stop his tenants buying their homes

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I ran that through Google Translate, and it’s super interesting: “When, over time, gala dinners have been held at state visits, birthdays and anniversaries in the Royal House, the events have often taken place in the Knights ‘Hall at Christiansborg Castle or in the Knights’ Hall and Table Hall in Christian VII’s Palace at Amalienborg. For the big parties, the light has come from some very special chandeliers. At Christiansborg Castle, it is under six Venetian chandeliers that guests have been able to sit at tables in the Knights’ Hall for almost a hundred years now. From 1906 to 1928, Christiansborg Castle was rebuilt after the fire in 1884, and the builder behind the third – and current – Christiansborg was named Thorvald Jørgensen. He was an architect and also designed the six chandeliers, all of which have 60 electric candles. Each chandelier is 3.25 tall and two feet wide. In the slightly smaller Knights’ Hall in Christian VII’s Palace at Amalienborg hangs a large chandelier, which has adorned the hall since the end of the 19th century. The chandelier came into being in its time when electric candles were installed in the palace in 1893. Before that, six chandeliers had been hung in the Knights’ Hall with several hundred candles together. It is said that it required “day-long work prior to the Knights’ Hall’s lighting arrangement, as the tooth on each and every candle had to be wrapped with a spark plug, and all these wires were again collected below the chandelier. At the signal of the Marshal of the Supreme Court, the innumerable small flames of all the flames ran upwards. The king’s guests were very impressed.” Today it is somewhat easier to light the large chandelier in the Knights’ Hall. Finally, the Table Hall in the same mansion houses three glass chandeliers, which are dated 1880-1890. The chandeliers are made of glass and bronze and have a total of 40 electric candles each. At the bottom is the characteristic glass sphere. The crown is 1.8 meters high and 1.2 meters wide. In the ceiling, it hangs in a gilded hanger covered with white shirting.Picture one shows the Knights ‘Hall at Christiansborg Castle, picture two The Knights’ Hall in Christian VII’s Palace and picture three the Table Hall in the same place. Picture four shows the evening party for art and culture in 2016, picture five Princess Benedict’s 75th birthday in 2019 and picture six Prime Minister’s dinner in 2017.” Logistics!!

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