We’ve got a VERY light week of events this week. Hopefully, one day people will be able to safely leave their homes again to plant trees and open tiny curtains.

Elsewhere of interest:

This is super interesting, at Vanity Fair: Could the British Monarchy “Go Over a Cliff” After the Queen Dies? (I feel like yes!)

Also at VF: Prince Harry Announces Another Postponement for the Invictus Games. (This is sensible. They were meant to happen in May.)

At Town & Country: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Take a Bold Stance Against Clickbait. (This is about whatever was happening in various tabloids this weekend about Archie’s birth certificate, which I feel like I never totally was able to figure out, though this article at Lainey really helped. Anyway, I agree with the Sussexes that it sure felt like something The Sun ginned up for pageviews, and I agree with Lainey that Lady Colin Campbell [who I guess started this whole thing?] is absolutely awful.)

At Elle: Prince William Condemns Racism In Soccer, And Fans Wonder Why Meghan Markle Didn’t Get The Same Defense. While I think it’s great he’s doing this, that’s also a very fair question. Hopefully the answer is that he (and the rest of the family) have learned a few things.

Interesting: Amateur Treasure Hunter Discovers Henry VIII’s Missing Crown Ornament [Mental Floss]

At Tatler: The Spencers: A who’s who guide to the younger generation of the famous dynasty

The Court Jeweller’s Diamond Tiara Tournament has gotten to the championship match!!

On social:

I always liked this Rebecca Taylor suit on Kate (I assume she’s wearing a ratty old pair of PJ bottoms out of frame) and yes, I am still tracking the movement of that plant:

I cannot get the sound on this to work, but I assume Kate didn’t say anything shocking:

OMG, Edward wore this vest again. He’s obsessed with this vest.


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This is cute:

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