Kate has TRULY never met a Family Photo Challenge that she didn’t color-coordinate (or, I guess, colour-coordinate) and this weekend’s events — Sir David Attenborough came over to take in an (outdoor) screening of his upcoming movie — are business as usual there. (FWIW, her blue dress is this Gabriela Hearst number, and according to What Kate Wore, it’s actually denim. I don’t have an ID on the shoes, but for one moment, I thought they were her old Stuart Weitzman wedges, brought back into the light at last. It’s 2020. Anything could happen.) Shades of blue for all and sundry! Including Sir David.

Sir David also brought a giant SHARK TOOTH, which Informative Caption claims was “for George,” but surely it’s meant to be a Communal Giant Shark Tooth, as everyone knows you do not bring three children ONE Giant Shark Tooth without making it perfectly clear that it’s One Giant Shark Tooth to rule them all, especially when Charlotte is obviously OVERJOYED by the idea of a tooth that large.  George is like, “THIS TRULY IS ONE ENORMOUS TOOTH.”

Sir David Attenborough Meets Prince William And Family

I assume that William made a series of bad Dad Jokes about how much money the Tooth Fairy was expected to shell out for a tooth of that magnitude. (Do you have the Tooth Fairy in the UK? I know I’ve asked this in the past, but it seems my brain decided that wasn’t a piece of information I truly needed to retain — unlike, say, all the lyrics to “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” or my college ID number.)

Information Caption also told us, “Sir David found the tooth on a family holiday to Malta in the late 1960s, embedded in the island’s soft yellow limestone which was laid down during the Miocene period some 23 million years ago. Carcharocles is believed to have grown to 15 metres in length, which is about twice the length of the Great White, the largest shark alive today.” Wow! LEARNING. (And speaking of learning. I just learned that Malta would like said tooth back, please.)

Before we get into the comments, I’m preemptively declaring a moratorium on a mask discussion. Let’s just assume all these people have had negative rapid tests — I’m sure no one is going to risk the health of ancient treasure Sir David Attenborough — and leave it there. Everyone: Be cautious out there.

(Photo by Kensington Palace via Getty Images)