This is so incredibly wholesome! There are crafts AND there are s’mores! (I didn’t know the Brits did s’mores and as I type this literally I just realized I’m a liar — this post actually does not involve s’mores. Merely toasted marshmallows, which do feel universal. I simply added the chocolate and the graham cracker because I am hungry.)

Anyway, to brass tacks that DON’T involve snacks, at least not directly:

That is nice! She’s also the first woman to hold this position in UK scouting, which is obviously also noteworthy. This feels like a good fit for her interests, for sure.

Outfit-wise: This is very reasonable for the occasion, and basically all of it is a re-wear except for the shirt, and also almost all of it is Massimo Dutti. I continue to covet those hiking books despite not wanting to hike ever at all. (They don’t make that version anymore, but I actually really like the new version, which I will also not buy because I do not ever leave my house anymore.)

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