Fugs and Pieces, September 19th, 2014

Happy Friday, dear Fug Nation! May your weekend be full of temperate weather.

– This is very cool. Cosmo, talking to women with interesting and unusual jobs, brings us: How I Became a Zookeeper.

– Speaking of interesting advocations, let’s go Inside the World of Longsword Fighting. (New York Times)

Amy Adams’s hair looked AMAZING in Milan (where she sat next to Anna Wintour. I hope she’s getting a Vogue cover). (Lainey)

– I am in love with this piece on Weird Soap Opera Science. (EW)

– And this, from The History of Love: 8 Ill-advised Reasons for Getting Married, 1792. Including, “1. Because she probably won’t live very long anyway.” (In fairness, I do think “the vastness of his shoulders” is a lovely reason to get hitched.)

– Have you seen Lupita on Sesame Street with Elmo? It’s wonderful. (And her dress is fab.) (Jezebel)

– Here’s Benedict Cumberbatch as Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. (Vanity Fair)

– Oh, God, Allison Janney and Anna Faris tried to do the American Ninja Warrior course. I would quite literally die. (Pajiba)

–Let’s look at celebrity wedding dresses from this year to date! (Elle)

– OMG: The Annlympics: Power-Ranking the Casts of All Three ‘Annie’ Adaptations Against Each Other. (The Wire)

– Why aren’t there more PowerPoints about boots you own, want to own, or used to own? (Zulkey)

– This is funny: I Pumpkin Spiced My Life With Black-Market Starbucks Syrup. (Grub Street)

–The Limited now has a Scandal collection. WHERE IS THE WINE CARDIGAN!? Though that cape is legit cute. (People StyleWatch)

– A very good question: How Many Clothes Did an 18th Century Woman Own? (Two Nerdy History Girls)

– You’re going to love this: A Guide to the Ever-Changing Accents of Tom Hardy. (Pajiba)

– And this: Unsatisfied Women In Western Art History. (The Toast)

This is NOT a good cover of Lindsay Lohan. AT ALL. (Celebitchy)


Royals Round-Up, September 19, 2014

Quite a lot happened this week — at last, everyone is really out of the house, save Kate, who had to cancel this weekend’s trip to Malta on the advice of her doctors (they’re sending William instead).  First and foremost, Monday was Harry’s 30th birthday, and we celebrated with an ENORMOUS slideshow that I invite you to visit or revisit as the case may be. This post brings you carriages and gowns and skirts and the return of Cressida and a rare appearance from Queen Rania and LOTS of Crown Princess Mary, who is really holding up the Likeable Brunette With Good Hair end for everyone. (She and CPF are currently on a tour of Canada and I will bring you those pictures EN MASSE when they are cleared for my usage.)

Elsewhere, for your reading pleasure:


Scrolldown Fug: Bella Thorne in Emporio Armani

This starts as a power lunch…

Bella Thorne at Armani, Milan Fashion Week

… and ends as Reality Bites. In ten minutes she’s going to get fired from her internship and ends up chain-smoking on a couch while talking to her psychic friend at $1.95 a minute.

Seriously, are the ’90s back, and coming to get me? Should I have kept my Doc Martens? See, THIS is why people become hoarders. And those pants are why people become tailors. So that they can turn their trade into a vaccine against Stump Disease.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]



Fug the Cover: Kate Hudson on The Hollywood Reporter

Someone in Fug Nation brought this to our attention by noting that Armani and Hudson look like their own wax figures.

Kate Hudson and Giorgio Armani on The Hollywood Reporter

This is true of Armani. Kate Hudson looks more like her own demon waxwork that failed quality control, and now lives in a vault someplace with nothing to do but fantasize about revenge arson and snack on spirit gum. It has been possessed by the spirit of the person who taught Jennifer Morrison about topknots, and had one really rough day last week when the 110-degree heat blew a fuse at Public Storage and the a/c went out, and damn, now she has to save up for a faceoplasty.


Recent Fugs and Fabs: Jessica Chastain

Let’s check in on this lady. Spoiler: I really want one pair of her shoes.

[Photos: AKM/GSI, Fame/Flynet, PCN]


Well Played, Reese Witherspoon in Dior


She looks doubtful, but shouldn’t. This is fab on her:

The many faces of Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of 'The Good Lie' in Washington DC

Add this to the list of Dior Dresses Jennifer Lawrence Has Been Denied, too. It’s long, and it’s getting angry.

[Photo: Splash]