Fugs and Pieces, July 1st, 2016


Happy Canada Day, Fug Nation! It is also GFY’s 12th birthday, which is an amazing thing for me to contemplate. I cannot tell you how happy we are to still be here, and to have gotten to hang out with you guys for a dozen years. Thank you for making that possible.

And, in honor of our birthday, Canada’s birthday, and America’s birthday (which is Monday), we are going to be taking the long weekend along with…well, probably a LOT of you. Enjoy it, and we’ll meet you back here for Business As Usual on Tuesday, July 5th. Until then, please enjoy the following — and, if you need a book to read over the long weekend, um, I have a very self-serving suggestion? (IT’S OUR BIRTHDAY. I’M ALLOWED.)

– I will miss The Toast, which stops publishing today, very very much. For a lot of reasons, but in great part because they published pieces like this one, which is absolutely delightful: If Barack Obama Were Your Dad.

– Also, Hillary Clinton wrote a really lovely piece for them today, saying good-bye. No, THE Hillary Clinton. No, for real. It’s pretty amazing.

– I thought this, at Slate, was really interesting: Why Is the New York Times Crossword So Clueless About Race and Gender?

– Also at Slate is this wonderful oral history of Angels in America.

– We talked about this Mother Jones piece in the comments of last week’s Fugs & Pieces, but I wanted to link to it here in case you missed it: My Four Months as a Private Prison Guard. It’s a very long piece, but extremely worth your time.

The Atlantic had a wonderful tribute to Pat Summitt, who died this week.

– This year has been so awful for celebrity deaths. Cathy Horyn penned a wonderful piece about Bill Cunningham for The Cut. I loved Bill, as I think everyone who went to Fashion Week did, whether we knew him personally or not — which I did not, although I did once screech at at a security guard who wasn’t letting him into the tents for Richie Rich (of all things), “LET HIM IN, IT’S BILL CUNNINGHAM!!!!!!” for which he very sweetly thanked me. (Bill did, not the guard. That dude must have been a last-minute fill-in, as the NYFW security folks are almost always the same crew, and they certainly know Bill Cunningham by sight.) I will very much miss seeing his friendly, curious, kind face at Fashion Week. It feels like the end of an era.

– This RULES, at Maximum Middle Age: Get the Look: Endora from Bewitched.

Ana Gasteyer’s Grub Street Diet is one of the best ones they’ve had, I think.

– At Lainey: Drew Barrymore might become a talk show host? I can kind of see that, actually.

– This is so interesting, and very apt for us, at Racked: How Did Celebrity Airport Style Become a Thing?

– Two Nerdy History Girls prove that sheer dresses have been A Thing FOREVER

– At Pajiba: Calvin Harris Could Give a Master Class In How Not to Handle a Breakup

– At Celebitchy: It is INSANE to me that Leslie Jones had problems getting a designer to dress her for the Ghostbusters premiere, but it was also sadly not surprising.

– At Vanity Fair: Joan Rivers’s Private Collection Is Up for Auction—See the Over-the-Top Items You Can Bid On

– Over at The New Potato, DIY face masks! They sound delicious.

And here at GFY, in case you missed it:

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Royals Round-Up, July 1st, 2016

In which I bring you Harry! Wills! Kate! (At a somber event, but still.) Sunglasses! Plastic capes gone awry! A cameo from Michelle Obama! A Casiraghi looking hot on on a boat! AND MORE.

If you missed it yesterday, Wills and Kate and Harry are in France for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. We’ve got more of those events in today’s post, also, as you can see.

Elsewhere of interest:

Eugenie and Beatrice went to Glastonbury, wore wellies. (People)

People also has behind-the-scene photos from Princess Charlene’s wedding, which was five years ago today. You can revisit our coverage of the wedding here (it remains as awkward as I recall, but I must acknowledge that it brought AMAZING unsubstantiated gossip, which I always enjoy. And at least those crazy kids are hanging in there!).

– Via Town and Country, Wills and Kate and Harry are taking over Diana’s Kensington Palace apartments. I LOVE Royal Apartments Logistics, you guys.

– At Esquire: Prince William: The Unlikely Fashion Trail-Blazer

– Order of Splendor’s Thursday Tiara this week was very interesting indeed.

– Cute royal babies!

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Well Played: June’s Best Accessories


Feeling spendy this holiday weekend, US and Canadian residents? I’ve got you covered.

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]


Well Played, Greer Grammer


Regular readers know I am generally not a fan of matchy-matchy shoes and bags, because it always feels a bit too bridesmaidal to me.

Screening Of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment's "Emma's Chance" - Red Carpet

Having said that, she is a really LOVELY bridesmaid, and it’s nearly a long weekend. Sometimes I can be convinced to let these things slide.

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Michelle Obama in Spain, Liberia, and Morocco

I love this photo. It’s totally the last pose from the End of Act One — the most rousing number; the “Do You Hear The People Sing?” or “One Day More” of the show — in the musical about her life.

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ICYMI: June’s Top Ten Posts


In case you weren’t all up in our grill in June — it’s fine, we forgive you — I bring you the ten most-read posts from June. Make sure you didn’t miss out on any of the fun! (As always, I filtered out recaps, and Royals Round-Ups.)

  1. Trooping the Colour, in which Princess Charlotte and Prince George are THE CUTEST
  2. May’s Best Accessories. Purses! Hats! JEWELS!
  3. The Hats of Royal Ascot. Speaking of hats.
  4. All These People at the Tonys, Including Oprah and her Cute Glasses. Speaking of accessories.
  5. Hamilton at the Tonys. Here comes the general!
  6. Celebs in Jeans. Because we all like to talk about jeans.
  7. Wills and Kate at Royal Ascot. Hats! Carriages! Pointing!
  8. Wills and Kate and Harry and a bunch of other British royals. In which Kate wears a really bad hat. I’M SORRY, KATE.
  9. All These Attractive People at the CFDA Awards. You guys enjoy attractive people.
  10. And, finally: The Kick-Off of Blake Lively’s Press Junket for The Shallows.

As a Fun Bonus, the US Olympics Swimming Trials are underway at the moment. I would be remiss in my duties if I didn’t take this moment to link to perhaps our most read post EVER (neck and neck with Wills and Kate’s Wedding Live-blog, and truly, those stats tell you a lot about Fug Nation): A SALUTE TO THE ABS OF THE 2012 OLYMPIC POOL.


Royally Played: Wills, Kate (in Missoni), and Harry at Somme Centenary Commemorations In France

It’s the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (at least, it almost is; the battle began on July 1st, and went until November 18th [which is....longer than I was aware]), and Wills and Harry and Kate are in France for the commemorations today and tomorrow. Today’s events are officially (per the Kensington Palace twitter) “a twilight vigil at The Somme on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the start of the battle.” Everyone looks very appropriate. Kate’s coat manages to be both eye-catching (so people can see her) and also somber, although I am sort of surprised she wore an Italian line, as that seems like something the DMIK commenters will bust a collective gasket over. (I suspect she will wear a British coat at tomorrow’s event; also if you spent your entire life worrying about the Mail, your face would eventually fall off). (This post is sponsored by parenthesis.)

Additionally, What Kate Wore has — as always! — excellent coverage of this event with additional interesting information about the ceremony and vigil. I’m going to wrap coverage of tomorrow’s events into Royals Round-Up, which I suspect will run early because of the holiday weekend.

[Photos: Getty Images, Gareth Fuller/PA Wire, Tim Rooke – Pool/Getty Images, Yui Mok – Pool/Getty Images)