NYFug.com: Fashion Week’s Bests and Worsts

Whoops! Hello, I forgot to link to this on Saturday, when I intended to do so, because my brain has fried. LOS ANGELES, IT’S TOO HOT. Give me all your home-made cool off ideas. (I sincerely just took to my bathtub for like an hour to read in the cool water. But it’s a drought. So then I felt guilty. I am the worst. I’m sorry, California.)

ANYWAY: As always, we picked best and worsts of this season’s NYFW for our friends at The Cut. Pop over there to read about, say, the best looking celebs in person, the shiniest shows, the amount of people we saw from OITNB, tidbits of gossip that we couldn’t include in other write-ups, weird shit we overheard, AND MORE.


Fug Nation’s Emmy Best and Worst

Hey, y’all, remember when we voted on who was the best-dressed and worst-dressed at the Emmys? If you don’t, that’s understandable, because it was two weeks ago and we totally forgot to post the results. Let’s revisit it now, because it was a high high, and SUCH a low low.

Let’s start low:

Lena Dunham

Oh, Lena. We really enjoy you, but that pajama shirt is your gravest enemy. It’s plotting things. DISPOSE OF IT.

Cleanse your retinas with the best-dressed person:

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Casual Fuggerday: A Housekeeping Note

Dear Fug Nation,

With the exception of the VERY BELATED Emmys Best/Worst announcement, weekend posting is on hiatus for this weekend only, because we are worn out from the gauntlet of  VMAs/Emmys/our book deadline/Fashion Week that was the last two weeks and we need a day off, or else this might happen:

Take a squizz through last week’s shenanigans, and we’ll be back bright and early Monday with tons more runway coverage, Prince Harry’s birthday, and whatever dumb-ass stuff Hollywood got up to over the weekend, I promise.

We treasure you,



Fugs and Pieces, September 12, 2014

Fashion Week is over, and I need a nap. Whilst I sleep, please enjoy the following:


Royals Round-Up, September 12, 2014

SO MUCH TO DISCUSS THIS WEEK. Well, mostly that Wills and Kate are having another baby! (Um, but Prince Harry got a good waxwork? That’s a good gift to the world, also.) There’s loads of Brits in the slideshow, but also I bring you Maxima! Letizia! Crown Princess Mary! And the following:


Well Played Coat, Rita Ora

This just looks so snuggly:

Rita Ora

It has cute stripes and basically looks like a giant blanket with sleeves and pockets. Can it be coat season yet? Can it, can it? Please? THINK OF THE COAT SLIDESHOWS, MOTHER NATURE.


Also, thank you for tolerating our sleep deprivation this week and probably, let’s face it, the months prior to it. Someday hopefully you will love The Royal We and feel that it was all worth it. I PRAY. But for real: We love you, Fug Nation. And we really appreciate you.

[Photo: Splash]