Fugs and Fabs: Solids at the Independent Spirit Awards

And we can put THIS sucker to bed, at last. Come for the ScarJo, stay for some Kristens, formal pajamas, and the new Supergirl.

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Well Played: Dudes at the Independent Spirit Awards


We know what y’all want.

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Fugs and Fabs: Patterns at the Independent Spirit Awards

We covered a couple folks from this during the Oscars — like what Cate Blanchett wore — but so very many more celebs went to the Independent Spirits, an awards show that was meant to be so casual that people might bike to it, but which is steadily turning up the fashion volume to, oh, MTV levels at least.

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BRIT Awards Fug Carpet: Ellie Goulding

Ellie wore an Alberta Ferretti last night at the Elle Style Awards, and this feels like its demi-nude Coachella cousin:

ellie goulding brit awards 2015

Boob-covering motif? Check. Sheer in parts? Check. Visible panties? Check. I can’t figure out why she’d wear two gowns with such a kinship SO close together, but then, it’s not like wearing just ONE of them would have made either frock suddenly attractive. I thought she’d chipped herself out of her see-through style rut, but I guess it runs deeper than I thought. We may need to tunnel in to rescue her, which means… I’m probably going to go get a beer instead and just leave her for awhile, because she did it to herself.

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BRIT Awards Better-Only-On-A-Technicality Carpet: Rita Ora

Blessedly, her bum is not extruding gossamer black fabric — a sentence, by the way, that a person in this world should never, ever have to type.

rita ora BRIT Awards 2015

And in one sense, this is her pushing back in the other direction from that Oscar post-party outfit, given that she’s wearing a jumpsuit that also has its own skirt — as if she’s double-bagging herself after having merely quarter-bagged it in L.A. But it’s still a see-through jumpsuit and an equally translucent skirt, so even though the gentle gold sparkles are alluring, the effect is Same As It Ever Was. Aren’t you bored of rolling the Bits Dice to see which ones you show us today, Rita?

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Fug the Show: Hart of Dixie Recap, season 4, episode 6

I thought this episode was actually REALLY strong, although George is still quite orange (and has blue lips at one point. I am worried that this series is going to end with George being diagnosed with a bizarre disease of some sort). First of all: FINALLY, the casting of Meredith Monroe (AKA Dawson’s Creek‘s Andie McPhee) as Lemon’s mother pays off, like FOUR SEASONS LATER. Second: Happy Wade and Zoe are very cute together. Third: I can get on board with this George and AB thing. I was worried it was going to feel sort of “Sorry, But These Are The Only Two Single People Left,” but I actually think it might be working. LET’S DISCUSS.

First off: Zoe and Wade are having a boy!


There is a moment that is both predictable but also funny where Wade thinks his fetus child’s arm is actually his penis.  This kicks off a storyline wherein Zoe freaks out about how to raise “an Alabama boy” — she knows nothing about, say, where to find the best fishin’ hole — and Wade freaks out because he realizes that if his son is just like him, he is screwed. It will not surprise you to find out that they eventually realize that they’re in this together, and they’re going to be okay. It’s actually quite sweet.

Second off: George and AB are both realizing that they’re secretly hot for each other:


Whereas I am mostly just hot for AB’s dress, which is CUTE.  George is about to ask AB out when they are interrupted by Lavon, and somehow no one wonders why George’s entire body is orange and his lips are blue. Maybe his new gig managing The Truitt Brothers, and now also Meatball, involves eating a lot of Popsicles.

Up next, we learn that Lemon is feeling VERY Valentino lately, and also that BlueBell needs to talk the Dreaded Fillmore into agreeing to host the State Football Championships with them, because together they will surely get the nod and then make LOADS of cashola:


Everyone is swayed from their hatred of Fillmore and the dastardly Mayor Gainey to agree that Loads of Cash is worth it. George does NOT start waxing poetic about the time HE was on a storied high school football team, which is sad because I wanted to know how he miraculously gained the ability to walk again and also I need Tim Riggins’s phone number. I also think Tami Taylor could give Zoe some really comforting advice WRT being a good mom, and obviously I long to see Coach and his hideous sunglasses that he bought at the AM/PM immediately. What I am saying is: I know it’s too late because the end of this series is already in the can and also everyone else has new jobs but CROSSOVER EPISODE COME ON YOU GUYS.

To make up for it, though, the show gives us the gift of Lavon and Wade, in tank tops, painting the nursery:

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