Fugs and Pieces, July 31st, 2015

HAPPY FRIDAY! At last. While you wait for your escape from the office, enjoy:

– Today is Harry Potter AND JK Rowling’s birthday (what a coincidence), and Time spoke to a variety of actors in the Harry Potter movies to get birthday wishes for Rowling. I loved this one: “Dear Miss Rowling, On the occasion of your birthday I trust you will be clothed in delicious pink garments surrounded by plates of purring kittens. These wishes come by order of Dolores Umbridge.” But they really are all lovely.

– Over at The AV Club, this is amazing: No, I didn’t call your shitty movie a “comedic masterstroke”

My Rage Tweets about this IDIOTIC Little Women reboot at The CW made Mental Floss’s coverage of everyone’s freak-out. I stand by my rage.

– This is fascinating, at Buzzfeed: How Teen Boys On The Internet Uncovered The Greatest Catfish Of Our Time. I hope the Ashlee Simpson theory proves to be true.

– Also at Buzzfeed, for some reason, this story really really made me laugh and I don’t know why: The 13 Stages Of “Holidays In The United States” Coming Up When You Email Yourself

– ALSO at Buzzfeed, Anne Helen Peterson’s take on Tom Cruise 2.0 is worth your while.

– Lainey is OF COURSE all over this scoop that Bffleck is allegedly dating the nanny. People is actually backing up Us Weekly‘s story.

– Also at Lainey, Michelle Williams is apparently dating Jonathan Safran Foer, the writer. My take on this news bit was basically exactly the same.

– You know they’re auctioning off a ton of Mad Men props and whatnot, right? I want the SCDP mug SO MUCH.

People StyleWatch has a look at Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line; it looks pretty cute!

– Look at all these pictures of Grand Central in the 40s! (Travel & Leisure)

– If you haven’t yet read New York‘s cover story, in which 35 of Bill Cosby’s accusers tell their story, you really ought to. It’s exceptional.

– At Celebitchy:  Is Calvin Harris going to propose to Taylor Swift with a $500K ring?

– Speaking of Taylor, you probably want to listen to Kelly Clarkson cover “Blank Space.” (Vulture)

Four minutes of Bill Hader making weird faces and dancing. I love him. (Pajiba)

– Over at The Toast, If Lupita Nyong’o Were Your Girlfriend.

This week’s recipe is SANGRIA SORBET. YES. (Host The Toast)


Royals Round-Up, July 31st, 2015

Although not much happened on the Royals Front this week — Chaz was menaced by an eagle, Eugenie INSISTED on wearing beige AGAIN, the usual — we did have some Royals Action on GFY that you may have missed. For example:

But elsewhere! Oh, elsewhere:


TCAs Fugs and Fabs: Hallmark Channel

I certainly wouldn’t say they still care enough to send the very BEST, exactly…

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


What the Fug: January Jones

I would criticize this for the visible bra…

january jones zimmermann

… but the thing is, the bra is the only part I like.

[Photo: Getty]


Fug the Waxwork: Scarlett Johansson by Madame Tussauds

I’m sure it’s meant as a compliment, but at this point, don’t you think celebrities DREAD getting their own waxwork? I would.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fug and Fab the Covers: Various Elle Magazines, August 2015

I like a lot of things about this cover, but here’s one that I don’t: the cover line “What Hot Girls Know.” Because that’s Elle presenting The Hot Girl to you, handing the concept down from on high, as something that you the reader must not be – thereby implying not only implying we are all so very ordinary, but that being hot is aspirational and that The Wisdom of the Attractive is what’s missing in your life. For a magazine that purports to be for smart women, well-rounded ones, that comes across as disappointingly Lad Mag.  And terribly obnoxious.