Unfug or Fab: Hailee Steinfeld


Every time I glance at this thing, I have to do a double-take on whether it’s off-the-shoulder.

Hailee Steinfeld

It’s the type of thing Forever 21 would knock off — er, pay homage to — by actually MAKING it off-the-shoulder and then sewing a t-shirt into it. Sometimes I think Forever 21 is what Donna Martin would have done with Now Wear This!, if she had made it far enough. It would be all fast-fashion, and all basically one-ply and itchy.

Anyway, enough about that old sadsack. Let’s talk Steinfeld. I do love this orangey-red, and I don’t even know that I HATE it with the pale pink — it reminds me of this Prada on Audrey Tautou, from Cannes 2013 — but the cut and shades create an optical illusion that throws me off my already-shambolic game. So let’s get tweaksy: Would you shorten it? Would you ACTUALLY make it off-the-shoulder? Would you try a different color up there? Or would you leave it? Throw in a more orange lipstick? And what of the shoes? All of which is also then considered through the lens of her being a 17-year old girl, so she’s careening right into the “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman” territory that Britney so movingly poeticized. Is the length too adult? Or is it the perfect amount of sophistication for someone who, by all appearances, is not steering herself into Gomez City or Mileytown?

You have feelings, I suspect, and see if you can guess what I was watching while working:

  • It is my Bridget Jones: I love it just as it is. (35%, 113 Votes)
  • It is my Daniel Cleaver: It's roguish and tricksy but I can't stay mad at it (27%, 87 Votes)
  • It's Perpetua: too prim, but I bet there's something groovy festering under the surface (23%, 73 Votes)
  • It's the second Bridget Jones book/movie: DID NOBODY THINK TO GIVE NOTES ON THIS? (11%, 35 Votes)
  • It's the third Bridget Jones book: Could have been a good idea, but I DO HAVE NOTES, YES I DO, and I'm giving them in the comments section (4%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 321

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Fine or Feh: Emma Watson at the Britannia Awards, with Bonus Judi Dench

First of all, I swear she’s worn this before, but I think I’m wrong. It only feels like she’s worn this before, because she wear stuff like this often (indeed, her archives are chockablock with black and white, and also pants). Let’s start off with the good:

BAFTA Los Angeles Jaguar Britannia Awards Presented By BBC America And United Airlines - Arrivals

She’s often so serious looking on the red carpet, it felt nice to start off with a smile, and with DAME JUDI DENCH, no less. Here’s the whole look, though:

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Fugs and Fabs: Mario Testino’s Birthday Party

I cannot tell if this was a fancy dress party or not, but given that everyone is wearing, essentially, the same color palate, I think there were, at the least, very specific GUIDELINES. Spoiler: Some people look lovely, some people look insane, there’s multiple turbans, and Ms. Keira Knightley’s possible uterine secret suddenly doesn’t seem so secret.

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What the Fug: “Lady” Victoria Hervey

Happy Halloween. Prepare to be terrified.

Lady Victoria Hervey

Oddly, though, as afraid as this made me that this divinely subtle blossom was about to bud in front of our eyes, the reality was not as spine-tingling.

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Your Afternoon Man: Chris Hemsworth

Apparently, sunglasses even make CHRIS HEMSWORTH hotter:


The three-piece suit doesn’t hurt, either.

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Well Played, Lena Dunham


Between this, and Keira Knightley yesterday, it appears that Pilgrim Shoes are BACK! I guess they ARE close to being seasonally thematic? I cannot wait until we’re all wearing bonnets and calling each other “Goody.” But while I was neutral at best on Keira’s, I think these are sassy and fun (due to the gold. I would like anything that is spray-painted gold. Seriously. Try me):

Lena Dunham

I also basically love this dress. This is a very cute look for Lena — the kicky Mod thing really suits her, and it totally goes with the font on her book. Yes, I am a person who just thought, “Ooh, her dress coordinates with that font,” and I will not apologize for it.

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