Fugs and Pieces, August 1, 2014


IT’S HOT HERE. Read these things:

– This week, we pitted Kiki Dunst against Christy Turlington in the Battle of the Faux Marie Antoinettes for Vanity Fair.

– Did you know there’s a Go Fug Yourself Book Club on Goodreads? There is! This month’s selection is Code Name Verity, so get talking!

VINTAGE WEDDING GOWNS. Cornelia Vanderbilt looks amazing; one bride is wearing “a giant crocheted condom.” Must see. (Retroette)

Paper runs down the best, worst, and weirdest celebrity cookbooks. This is where I confess that the Gywneth Paltrow cookbooks are kinda good. I own both of them. I also (obviously) happen to own the Miss Piggy one in question.

– Thank you, Elle, for The Best Beach Reads to Transport You Around the World. I need transportation.

Book Riot has curated a bunch of book-inspired shoes. We love books AND shoes!


– They played New Girl‘s True American over at Entertainment Weekly! It ended with a hangover.

– I appreciate Lucky‘s salute to Mindy Kaling’s Instagram.

Benedict Cumberbatch, pointing at things. (Vanity Fair)

Allison Williams is going to play the title role in NBC’s Peter Pan and I am actually totally fine with this. She can sing and she might be good. (I like Peter Pan, but it’s not HOLY TO ME the way Sound of Music is, and besides, what we’re all REALLY excited about is the possibility that the flying mechanism will malfunction.) (Lainey)

Adam Driver and DanRad in the same movie? I might be in, you guys. (Pajiba)

– I love this: If MORE Famous Literary Characters Had Online Dating Profiles. (Barnes & Noble Book Blog)

– From Mental Floss, 31 Adorable Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse from the Last 600 Years. I’m bringing back “horizontal refreshment.”

– Buzzfeed made a whole bunch of snap judgements on the upcoming batch of pilots.

– Here’s a whole bunch of Lee Pace pictures for you. (Celebitchy)

– Just gonna leave this here: British Men Romp Nude in Beautiful Homoerotic Glory. (Um. Not safe for work.) (The Cut)


Royals Round-Up, August 1, 2014

Let’s round up some royals! Today’s slideshow brings you A LOT of Kate extras, a cute skirt from Letizia, a shirtless Casiraghi holding a baby on a boat, and Fergie wearing an outfit that I literally cannot even begin to parse.

Here on GFY, we had SO MANY SHENANIGANS from Wills and Kate and Harry:


[Photos: Getty, Splash, Pacific Coast News, Ken Goff Rota/GoffPhotos.com, AKM/GSI]


Well Played, Katy Perry in Elie Saab


Sadly, I didn’t have a clean full-body shot of this gown.

President Obama And The First Lady Host "A Celebration Of Special Olympics And A Unified Generation"

But not only is it gorgeous and soothing and the most relaxing way to tip into the weekend, it’s also a RELIEF that she is performing at an event at the White House — for the Obamas, and for the Special Olympics — in something measured and classy, which does not turn her boobs into pinwheels that shoot fire.

I do have a close-up:

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Lohanly Lohan’d: Lindsay Lohan

Just in case you wondered what Lindsay is up to since Lindsay, the answer is, still dressing as if she doesn’t like herself very much.

Hey, at least the nipple in this photo isn’t hers, right?

[Photo: AKM-GSI]


Well Played, Miranda Kerr in Escada


In which I, an ardent lover of the ladylike day-dress, confess a secret love for Birkenstocks. I’M NOT ASHAMED (now that they’re back in style).

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


What the Fug: Jena Malone

This party was called The For Love & Lemons Annual SKIVVIES Bash.

Jena Malone

NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY. I realize these are made BY the company, but… from what I can tell, the only other people on the red carpet who decided to go in this direction were people I’ve never heard of, and then the girl who was Coco Rocha’s contestant in her season of The Face (I feel like Coco would be like, “Girl, my whole career is about how you can make a statement without going down Skivvy Boulevard”). And then Christa B. Allen, who wore this:

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