BIG NEWFLASH: Christy Turlington is one of the greatest models alive. This cover is great — both of these feel like classic covers from the heyday of the glossy mag — but the entire interior editorial is also just terrific. Her interview is very thoughtful and interesting  — you’ve probably already seen the bits about some boys at her son’s  rival school passed around nude photos of her as a “heckling technique” before a baseball game, which is just weird on their parts — but truly the star for me is how she sells the hell out of some incredibly wide-legged jeans in a pixie cut.

Anok Yai also got a cover that makes it feel like she easily could have been a supermodel in the 90s, too:


It’s so good. Her profile is excellent as well – there’s also a shot in there that I might have actually made the cover myself, if I were in charge. But round of applause for everyone; it’s so pleasant to see two major magazine covers where my take isn’t “what happened HERE???” Sometimes we just do not need to reinvent the wheel, you know?

PS: If you want to see the Kerry James Marshall painting referenced in the Anok Yai story, here it is. I went to a Kerry James Marshall show at MoCA here in Los Angeles several years ago, pre-pandemic, and it was extraordinary. It’s maybe my favorite art exhibit I’ve ever seen. If you can get a chance to see his work, take it!

[Christy photographs by: Ethan James Green; Styling by: Carlos Nazario; Story by: Leah Chernikoff. Anok photographs by: Ethan James Green; Styling by: Carlos Nazario; Story by: Kaitlyn Greenidge]