Honestly? This cover is pretty good to my eye — especially for the Art Issue. (And I imagine it’s hard to toe the line of December Holiday Vibe and January New Year New You It’s Cold Out Vibe.) It’s moody and interesting and feels….yeah, arty. CLAPS FOR HARPER’S BAZAAR.

The profile has a TON of accompanying snaps, which are similarly fairly compelling, and the piece itself is also a diverting and honestly really interesting read — and includes quotes from literally Joan Baez and David Lynch, as well as LDR’s own clairvoyant. (I mean, who amongst us?!) It’s well worth your time, I think, as you stand there and wait for the oven to pre-heat or your flight to board.

[Photographs by: Collier Schorr; Styling by: Yashua Simmons; Story by: Chloé Cooper Jones]