Fug File: Awards & Galas

Fug or Fab: Cate Blanchett in Alexander McQueen

I am not sure this is what I would call “outside clothing.”

cate blanchett AACTA Awards Australia 2015

It’s DEFINITELY something she might wear while swanning around her house. Probably in heeled marabou slippers, as she liberally powders herself and nibbles on pate smeared onto toast triangles before SCREECHING at the maid to PLEASE scrape the rubbishy garnish off the top because WE LIVE IN A SOCIETY and then trying to figure out if she can put vodka in her perfume spritzer to make alcoholic mist.

Call it. BE HONEST.

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Fugs and Fabs: The Rest of the Producers Guild Awards

Ah, the PGA: the one everyone forgets unless they’re asking, “Wait, why is Claire Danes at a golf event?”

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


Fug or Fab: Jennifer Lawrence in Prada at the Producers Guild Awards

I’ve had my issues with Prada, but not with this Prada — and CERTAINLY not when it means we get a break from the Dior Dread.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]


SAG Awards Fugs and Fabs: The Dudes

Let’s eyeball some DUDES.

[Photos: Getty, INF]


SAG Awards Fug or Fab: Paula Patton in Aiisha Ramadan

“Hi, everyone.”

Paula Patton sag awards 2015

“Yes, I AM still trying to make up for basically everything I wore during the ‘Blurred Lines’ era. Yes, I realize it’s going to take a while. No, I’m not sure if this works or not — someone asked if my chest had beads, or fossilized sneezes – and yeah, I do hope you don’t look at the closeup.”

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SAG Awards So Close Carpet: Catriona Balfe

I love the lipstick and shoe and clutch combo she picked to go with this orangey-yellow gown.

catriona balfe sag awards 2015

But what might it have looked like had the fabric not fainted dead away on top of her chest? Sigh. Wilting is for flowers, and consumptives who have chaise longues on which to collapse. Not for bodices.

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