Fug File: Awards & Galas

Hollywood Film Awards Fug or Fab: Jing Tian in Christian Dior

IMDb is not helping me figure out what Jing Tian is promoting right now, but I almost don’t care, because look at this gown:

Jing Tian

It’s pretty enough from the front, but if you’re detecting a hint of red in the back, you are CORRECT and you will want to see the full effect:

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Hollywood Film Awards Fug Carpet: Janelle Monae

We all know Colonel Sanders makes a mean crispy breading.

Janelle Monae

But we didn’t know he’d be so generous with his wardrobe in a Walk of Shame situation. Chicken and clothes? He’s a catch.

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Hollywood Film Awards Fug or Fab: Reese Witherspoon in J. Mendel

I feel like Reese’s head belongs to a different dress here.

Reese Witherspoon

It’s the lipstick. Pearly peachy pink is a really strange choice for that outfit, like somebody turned to the wrong page in the R. Witherspoon: November 2014 head-styling binder, or all the alternate lipstick melted in transit when she was coming back from that Cabo film fest. I really LIKE the outfit, it just… maybe EVERYONE has a cold. Maybe Reese and Angie got the same crud that’s going around and they hung out backstage going, “Ugh, I KNOW, I’m out of Zicam and I’m totally getting a rebound effect from my nasal spray and it’s THE WORST and I just want to go home and watch something by Shonda Rhimes.” Reese would watch How To Get Away With Murder, and clearly Angelina would pick Crossroads.

Which Shonda joint is this, for you?

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Hollywood Film Awards Fug Carpet: Felicity Jones in Alexander McQueen

Felicity Jones loves a black dress.

Felicity Jones

She seems suspicious of THIS black dress, and I think it’s because Felicity Jones is not a Booty Shorts person. Which is fine. MOST people should not be Booty Shorts people. As pretty as that top is, the rest of the gown fails her; like her fellow sweet-faced Brit Carey Mulligan, I’d love to see Felicity shake it up and enliven things on the style front, but hot pants is not what I had in mind. And I’ll wager neither did she.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


Hollywood Film Awards Fug Carpet: Keira Knightley in Giambattista Valli

Well, her run of hits was going to run out eventually, and her FACE, at least, is still batting 1000%:

The 18th Annual Hollywood Film Awards - Arrivals

That shot holds so much promise!

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Hollywood Film Awards Well Played (and a “73 Questions” with): Amy Adams in Christian Dior

The Dior press release called this “stretch piqué tweed effect.”

Amy Adams at Hollywood Film Awards

I just call it, “Yes.”

Although, as cute as I think it is — even though it’s bunching on her pelvis a little — it’s the shoes with which I’m having the most ardent love affair. They are “Zenadia” by Paul Andrew and they are a small fortune and basically I’m going to become very good friends with eBay in the next month. Well, not “good.” It’s not a loving relationship; more of an unrequited one, because I will look and look and then even if they pop up they will be for $600 and then I’ll have to get up and leave my office in a huff and slam the door just to make a point. But: As much as this feels underdressed compared to some people at this same event, I think it’s a win on her; three years ago she’d have been in a satin strapless frock with a sweetheart neckline and not enough tailoring. It’s been a good ride since then.

Amy also did one of the “73 Questions” videos for Vogue:

It’s cute. There are dancing children, and earnest questions about boys, and a coughing fit! Amy she comes off really well in it, and far less rehearsed than some. My only disappointment is that she did it at a dance studio but we didn’t get to see her in action. Maybe the 74th question was, “Can you do some ballet for us?” Curse you, question limits!

[Photo: Getty; video via The Scene]