Fug File: Met Ball

Met Gala 2015: Fug Nation’s Official Best and Worst

Cannes came up so quickly that we lost track of the whole Met Gala best/worst shenanigans. However, it is never past time to celebrate the glory that was our winner, Fan Bingbing.


Utterly resplendent. This is how it’s done, Beyonce. This is how you own a room with class and originality.

Speaking of Beyonce:

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Met Gala 2015: Fug Nation’s Worst Dressed

Are you looking for Best Dressed? It is right here, waiting for your kindness to rain down upon it. And now, let’s get to the JUDGEMENT. (As I noted in Best Dressed, I pared your options down to choices that I really thought had legs, otherwise the poll just gets too unwieldy for us all.)

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Met Gala 2015: Fug Nation’s Best Dressed

I meant to get this out to you, Fug Nation’s Voting Populace, earlier than right this second, but now is better than never, no? As usual of late, I’ve pared down the contenders for this all-important title to people that we feel have a shot at legitimately taking the crown. We’ll start with the good news.

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Met Gala Fugs and Fabs: The Lightbox Purge

AKA: Here’s everyone else we haven’t covered yet. It’s a grab-bag!

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Met Gala I Don’t Even Know Anymore: Kristen Wiig in Prabal Gurung

This is not the depth of hue I would associate with Imperial Yellow — that would be Rihanna’s dress — but I know yellow in general is significant in the Chinese culture, so I’m going to work off the assumption that the color choice here was the nod to the theme. And, a welcome change of pace from red.

kristen wiig met gala met ball

She actually looks good, except that I wish she ever looked like she did her hair at these things. (It’s a cute style, but it’s very casual.) The bracelets are a delight, and she’s not in beige, white, or black, so VICTORY IN OUR TIME and all that. It’s probably truthfully a dress for the Golden Globes, but then again, I’ve said countless times that in these people’s shoes I would probably be a total coward about accidentally being offensive at this particular shindig. So I can’t blame her for not being more adventurous — and frankly, for K.Wiig, this IS adventurous.

I don’t know what’s keeping me from embracing this wholeheartedly. Maybe it’s that Kristen Wiig often has the aura of looking like she was recently startled by something, and is chuckling awkwardly to cover it. Or that she’s very nervous and about to say something self-deprecating, or that she is trying to get through this quickly so she can find a bathroom. She hasn’t always found an ease about herself yet, and that’s not her fault, but it does sometimes keep her from closing the fashion deal with me. Consider it the opposite of Emma Stone, who could beam her way through wearing a pork pie and have you thinking, “Well, but she’s so CHARMING in it…” I think… I’ve decided it makes me happy, but YOUR VOTE COUNTS.

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Met Gala Fug Carpet: Alicia Keys in Jean Paul Gaultier

“HEY EVERYONE! It’s been a while since I’ve been to a major event, as I just had a baby, and — wait, WHAT’S the theme?”

"China: Through The Looking Glass" Costume Institute Benefit Gala - Arrivals

“Jean Paul told me it was TOUGH BALLERINAS as an homage to the fifteen-year anniversary of Center Stage on Tuesday.”*

*Center Stage really does turn fifteen on Tuesday. Also while I am in here editorializing, while I have no idea what this has to do with China (maybe the colors are in homage to the Ming vase? Seriously), silhouette-wise, this is actually very successful on her, right? 

[Photo: Getty]


Met Gala Feh Carpet: Elizabeth Banks in Michael Kors

The juxtaposition of the two gowns in this picture amuses me.

elizabeth banks met ball met gala

In the back, Allison Williams’s flotilla of tulle, large and attempting to be in charge, hoping that size would win style points; in the front, Elizabeth Banks’s very simple turquoise shift, which seems to say, “Screw it. Let’s just go for abs points and then get the hell out.” She almost made it, too, except that she went with the cat-eye liner on a night where that is SO EASILY misinterpreted that I’m embarrassed anyone even tried.

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