Karl Lagerfeld once sad, “Think pink, but don’t wear it.” Except Karl Lagerfeld also designed a LOT of things in pink, and Chanel itself has a long history with the color (including but obviously not limited to a certain suit worn by Jackie Kennedy on a particular day, and of course one worn by Marge Simpson). So… did he care? Did he not? I sincerely don’t think all these people wore pink as a way to give him the middle finger, as was alleged in a couple listicles last night, but maybe I’m just not thinking pettily enough. Which is RARE.

As for the rewears, yes, one is Nicole Kidman, who brought out the frock that appeared on her in a 2004 Chanel No. 5 commercial. Friends, that commercial is… not good:

Narrated by an angsty Rodrigo Santoro, lasts only two minutes, and yet it is interminable. You must see.

[Photos: David Fisher, Matt Baron/Shutterstock, Carl Timpone/BFA.com/Shutterstock]