On the surface, “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” seemed like it’d be a pretty banal framework for the Met Gala, at least compared with such themes as CAMP and MANUS x MACHINA, but I was pleased to be proven wrong. Plenty of people went big at the Met on Monday night, and when you really think about it, that isn’t a surprise. Karl Lagerfeld knew drama. He once built a rocket for a runway show that actually took off; crafted a carousel, an iceberg, a beach, a supermarket, even an undersea world in the Grand Palais; and took the Fendi catwalk to the Great Wall of China. So it’s only right that the Met Gala being thrown in his name would bring some over-the-top theatricality. Including more than one reference to his beloved cat, Choupette (who it turns out he basically stole from a model friend who’d asked Karl to look after her, and Karl decided never to give her back. That seems right).

On this night of all nights, it’s tough to differentiate between a big statement, and a SCREAMINGLY LOUD one, but we’ve tried to distill the looks we imagine you’re MOST itching to discuss into this post — and then the rest will come throughout the day. But in a much more timely manner than Rihanna’s eventual arrival at the Gala itself.

Also, the first shot of this slideshow is a PERFECT example of how cheap and heinous the decor looked — the carpet, the barriers, the chandeliers, the color scheme of it all… a total visual disaster. It is, and this is the most polite way I can think of to say it, fucking awful.

PS: For more takes on the carpet (and other notable moments), check out this morning’s Drinks With Broads.

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