Fug File: WTF

Recent Fugs: Selena Gomez

Oh, Random Skeptical-Seeming Bodyguard, I feel you.

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Emmy Awards WTF: Kathryn Hahn

Kathryn Hahn found this:

kathryn hahn

a) in the bargain bin at Mood, under Sewing Machine Accidents (Clearance, Non-Refundable);

b) in an Alice In Wonderland fever dream brought on by eating some really REALLY bad sushi;

c) in a PSA on the dangers of staple guns;

d) in an episode of Project Gardening;


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Emmy Awards Who Fugged It More: Chelsea Peretti vs. Lorelei Linklater in Gabriela Cadena

If this looks familiar, it’s because Lorelei Linklater wore its brethren to the Oscars.

chelsea peretti emmy awards 2-15

Chelsea’s version is better to my eye, because it’s more fluid (Lorelei’s looked like student work, by someone who hoped to be chucked out of the program). But it’s still something of a mish-mash. I’m sure the whole motif is supposed to evoke a lovely blossoming tree, or something, but somehow — even with that theme clearly present on both top and bottom — the two still feel like they clash, or as if the top is what you’d get if you ate the top and expelled the waste. It feels weirdly aggressive and lacking in romanticism for something that may fancy itself a tribute to spring foliage.Help.

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Emmy Awards Fug Carpet: Julianne Hough in Marchesa

Dear Julianne Hough:

julianne hough emmy awards

I’m so sorry to hear about the apocalypse coming very specifically only to your neighborhood. Was it bad? Is it all like the opening of Terminator 2 up in there? Do you need anything, like laundry detergent, or fresh fruit? I can send you a care package. Let me know. I bet you miss avocados.

Love, Heather


What the Fug: Jennifer Lopez in Michael Costello and House of CB


jennifer lopez i heart radio paris las vegas

“I am not at the Emmys so stop looking at the Emmys and LOOK AT ME. I am giving you so much to discuss, lovers. Forget the Hamm and Veep and How To Get Murdered. I SPIT on your Lame of Thrones. But I will not hear you badmouthing Olive Kitteridge, lovers, because it offered profound insight on the human condition and I know this because I read the back of it in a bookstore and that is what it said and also the cover had a house and some trees on it which is code for Feelings. ANYWAY. Lovers, I do not always wear capes, but when I do, I tuck them RIGHT into my kitteridge, because I am The Most Interesting Lopez in the World.

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Emmy Awards Well Played and WTF: The Capes/Capettes

If the enduring legacy of Gwyneth Paltrow is that people wear capes on the red carpet now, I have to say, I’m satisfied and on board with that. Even if some of these — Samira’s — are more successful than others.

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Emmy Awards WTF: Heidi Klum in Versace

Jessica and I are in full agreement that this might be the worst dress of the year – like, by a major celebrity at a proper event, not a D-lister desperate to break the Internet. Although honestly, all things considered, this might also be worse than any of those. It’s HEINOUS. It’s not just pizza; it’s pizza that fell off the roof of the delivery person’s car and then got crushed under the wheels of the car. It’s like someone broke into Big Bird’s dreams and supped on them until all that remained was a joyless carcass of a fantasy canary. It’s like Vegas, if Vegas got sick of being Vegas and quit to run a very small nightclub in Montana. Or, to put it bluntly, YOU LOOK A SAD, INEXPENSIVE FOOL, KLUM.

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