Fug File: WTF

What the Fug: Ashley Madekwe in Christian Dior

I thought we were finished with Skirt-Leg. I thought Jennifer Lawrence dragged it out of the shed to die harshly under our gazes.

Ashley Madekwe at BAFTA tea party

I am so naive.

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Emmy WTF: Kerry Condon

Kerry here, though not a household name necessary, has appeared in The Walking Dead, and Believe, and such fare that would suggest she’s on plenty of casting people’s radars.

Kerry Condon

And now, unfortunately for her, she’s on ours. AND ON NOTICE. I seriously feel like, outside an interpretive dance performance called Spanx for the Memories, there is no place for this in in the world.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Taylor Swift in Mary Katrantzou

In which Taylor Swift dresses as the lining from a Da Vinci Code collection of handbags.

Oh, and if you’d like to see her performance, there is video after the jump.

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haters gonna hate


VMAs Fug Carpet: Amber Rose

It’s already been pointed out that Amber Rose appears to have been channeling Rose McGowan at the 1998 VMA.

Amber Rose In Strings at VMAs 2014

Seriously, “Amber Rose McGowan” feels like an answer on Wheel of Fortune that neither Pat Sajak nor Vanna White would fully understand. To be fair to Amber, McGowan’s was see-through in front — her thong was leopard, her nipples were not (does that make Wiz Khalifa the Marilyn Manson in this scenario?)(wow, suddenly I want to see that quadrangle out to dinner somewhere; I think Marilyn would be miserable). But RMG being more naked does not make Amber’s any less absurd. It’s like Princess Leia came out of Jabba’s lair and decided to empower herself through fashion.

It’s also not the first time Amber has worn strings (Kanye West may have singlehandedly guided her to her Fug Madness crown). I don’t even know if it’s the worst time Amber has worn strings. You BET I am going to make you vote on which is worse, the spandex jail or the cage of sparkle. But before I do that, I want you to contemplate two things: 1) Amber’s hubby Wiz wore a shirt with suicide hotline information on it, which is a nice idea and very important, and TOTALLY got overshadowed by his wife’s metal floss, so maybe he needs to learn to pick his moments better; 2) is it an ACTUAL crime against the universe if she and Kim Kardashian did not run into each other in the bathroom line? I think it is.

Which of Amber Rose's strings is worse?

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Fugly, Fully Loaded: Lindsay Lohan

I don’t know how often we’ll really be checking in on this one for a while, since at this point her legal name might as well be Troubled Actress Lindsay Lohan. After Lindsay I feel SOME pity for the fact that her well of clear-eyed common sense is not only empty, but a decrepit, crumbling husk — and yet I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for someone who’s had so many chances and even had OPRAH yanking on her bootstraps and still manages to insist everything is fine, and in fact willfully act like a douche. There’s a point at which sometimes you go, “Fine, if that’s the game you want to play, then I’M IN. ROLL TO SEE WHO GOES FIRST.”

I can’t decide if this means she is going first, or I am.

Lindsay Lohan in New York City

This outfit is the fashion equivalent of a textbook cross-section of the human body. I wish it WERE simply For Science. Maybe it’s the ultimate test of Everyone Looks Hotter In Sunglasses. And I’ll give her that her head is making a strong case for itself, but girl, are those ACTUAL blinders?

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]


If I Fug: Chloe Grace Moretz in Schiaparelli

I feel like it HAS to be a scam that this is anything other than a Free People maxi with evil window dressing.

Chloe Grace Moretz If I Stay premiere

It seriously looks like unimaginative high-school drama club costuming — Inept Villainy 101, or Introduction to Unimaginative Goth. CGM is only seventeen, so she certainly doesn’t HAVE to have more interesting taste than this, nor is she under obligation to anyone to come up with a personal-style throughline. But she is obviously heavily styled and smart enough to be playing the game, so my question is: Do you really win at Risk by scattering your pieces all over every conceivable corner of the board, or is it better to focus your efforts? (The same philosophy could be applied to a GFY post that begins with Free People and ends with a board game metaphor, but in my defense, the sheer overlay and grievous bodily harm it’s committing to her torso have driven me briefly, wildly insane.)

Here is a close-up of the pattern underneath:

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