Fug File: WTF

Fug Madness Alumna: Aubrey O’Day (With Bonus Katie Price)

Every so often, our former champ rears her head around town.

Aubrey O'Day

For a long time I thought she was going to be the Katie Price of the U.S. I mean, this girl used to dye her dog to match her outfits. But now she’s back to Basic Tacky, and I’m almost disappointed, because at least shooting for full Katie Price would give her a point of view beyond Paris Hilton At A Deep, Deep Discount. Case in point:

get ready


What the Fug: Miley Cyrus

I feel like we’ve been heading toward this for a while, and it’s finally here.

Miley Cyrus wears a Unicorn Onesie and holds a toy unicorn through Sydney Airport

She is officially a Miley Little Pony.

[Photo: Splash]


Recent Fugs: Kim Kardashian

This was originally slated to run in the 8 a.m. spot, but… I just could not let this heinous menagerie sit that close to Mr. De La Renta’s work (editor’s note: this is because this was ALSO originally supposed to run on the same day as the OdlR retrospective; we had to push it for Reasons, but the sentiment is still true, so I’m leaving this). It felt rude. And, much of this IS rude. To our eyes.

[Photos: AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News]


WTF: Melissa George in Alexander Wang for H&M

This was at the Alexander Wang for H&M event and I assume it IS Alexander Wang for H&M:

Alexander Wang X H&M Launch - Arrivals

But it is also OMG for WTF!?!?!.

[Photo: Getty]


Fuggidly Nicole: Nicole Richie in Blumarine

Nicole needs a bracelet.

Nicole Richie

In the sense that if she had a bracelet, she could incinerate the rest of it and start fresh with that as her building block.

[Photo: Getty]


Casual Fuggerday: Eliza Doolittle

I mean…this barely even counts as an outfit, right?

*EXCLUSIVE* Eliza Doolittle wears a revealing outfit with a new mystery man **USA ONLY**

Wait. Let me rephrase that. It’s definitely an outfit. It’s barely clothing.

[Photo: AKM/GSI]