Fug File: WTF

What the Fug: Margot Robbie

Well, way to undo all the goodwill from the Oscars, Margot.

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Oscars Parties WTF: More Weirdo Attention-Craving Naked People

Because Rita Ora wasn’t the only one. OF COURSE. CAN WE ALL JUST PUT AWAY OUR PUBIC BONES, ahem, Heidi Klum?

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Oscars WTF: Rose McGowan

“How interesting,” I thought. “What is that Rose McGowan has over her shoulder?”

rose mcgowan elton john oscar party

“Is it a scarf? A sacrilegious theft of part of a priest’s robes? A sash that says Miss Elton John Oscars Party 2015?”

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Oscars Weekend Fug Carpet: Miley Cyrus in Schiaparelli and Tom Ford

Miley is going through a really weird phase. It’s called “Pants.”

miley cyrus oscar party 2015

Well, more specifically, it’s wacky pants — but it’s a novelty enough that she is wearing becrotched leg coverings at all. Then again, her newness to such a concept may account for her inability to hem them, among other things; I could deal with the cutesy pattern a lot more easily if they were slim-fitting and allowed for a peek of a killer shoe, but as-is, they’re just this really strange mix of matronly and fourth-grade doodles. I have no idea why she has draped her neck in tulle, either, but ours is not to reason why. Ours is but to fug or die.

For the Tom Ford show earlier in the weekend, Miley went in a more familiar direction:

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The Fugp: Ahna O’Reilly

You might remember Ahna from The Help.

ahna o'reilly

I remember her from five minutes ago, when her body released the hit single “I Am Seriously Not Getting Any Help (99 Cent Store)(Save Me)(Baywatch Remix)(feat. Pitbull).”

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High Fugshion: The adidas x Kanye West YEEZY Show and Front Row

I know this is Kanye’s party, but we HAVE to open with discussing how Bieber looks like a refried Ken doll now.

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