The outfit Julia Fox wore is SO naked that I had to put Emily Ratajkowski up there in the cover spot instead. I didn’t think I could spring Julia on you without any warning. If you’re procrastinating at work, it could cause a ruckus, and we do not want to be a source of ruckus for you. But like… if you thought perhaps Julia had hit the extremes with this, or even this, or literally anything else she’s worn, then she invites you to hold her bubbly. Jessica had signed off for the night when the photo came through, and I didn’t even want to text it to her in case somehow iMessage decided I was being inappropriate.

Julia, along with a few other questionably clad people, is attending an event for Naomi Campbell’s collaboration with fast-fashion brand PrettyLittleThing**. And, well, there may be no faster fashion than getting a wax, stringing together some lockets to cover your ladybuttons, and calling it clothes. So there’s that.

** Naomi had Thoughts about being called out on the environmental impact of such fast-fashion companies, which amount to, “You’re fine when OTHER people do it so why are you yelling at ME???” which is both probably a correct point and also not a great reason for someone with her reach not to try and find a better way; imagine the moral victory AND the win for the planet.

[Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]