This dress is hilariously amazing to me. It looks like a ghillie suit, if you were planning a covert military operation inside a Christmas supply store. Do NOT tread on that large pile of discounted tinsel and garlands; it is armed.

She does seem to have, even if temporarily, jumped the Armani ship — curious, in Venice, where Armani is everywhere — in favor of helping rehab Balenciaga. Isabelle is ALL IN on Denma. At least she’s choosing stuff that’s interesting? Armani DID tend to put her in a lot of pantsuits, and she seems to be firmly in a Dramatic Grande Dame era for which Balenciaga is better-suited. I would love to watch a holiday movie with her in which she plays an icy villain, dressed exactly thus:

'Maestro' premiere, 80th Venice International Film Festival, Italy - 02 Sep 2023

The hair, of course, would be this way because it’s mildly frost-bitten — like when you shower before your 9 a.m. Philosophy class and then have to walk to it in winter weather, and your hair freezes, not that I have ever done that. The pitch is rewriting the family dynamic between Mother Nature, the Heat Miser, and the Snow Miser, as seen in The Year Without Santa Claus, to be a sinister psychological thriller. Also, the Misers are step-brothers, and in a sequel it’s revealed they have another step-brother called North Wind. With WHOM is Mother Nature having all these affairs?!? And where are they? How DID they disappear? This is rich material. In Isabelle, I trust.

[Photo: Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock]