I love seeing what people picked for the big show, versus what their version of party clothes is. (We did already cover a few folks, like Florence Pugh and Vanessa Hudgens and Charlize, in the earlier post today.) Some of these changes are FANTASTIC and some are questionable and some are just confusing, and then Colman Domingo rolled up in a FACE COAT and it all made sense again.

Also, I’m thrilled to report that Organisms Yay has been picked up for a sequel. By popular demand, Andrea Riseborough returns to your local elementary school auditorium for Viva la Amoeba, in which the lowly one-celled hero ventures out on his own, grapples with self-identity (“Sarcodina (Here I Go Again)”), struggles with his potential dark purpose (“I’m a Plague 4U”), and ultimately discovers the wonders of meiosis in a faithful cover of Grease 2’s “Reproduction.” Buy your tickets now before it sells out.

[Photos: Daniele Venturelli, Natasha Campos, Taylor Hill, Lionel Hahn, Danielle Venturelli, Jon  Kopaloff, Christopher Polk, Amy Sussman/Getty Images, Steve Granitz, Kayla Oaddams/FilmMagic, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic, MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images]