We’ve already seen Julia Fox today at the premiere of The Idol, dressed like Cinderella if all she had lying around was Saran Wrap and some chalk. For the afterparty, she went in more of a Court Jester direction. However, we need to continue to give credit to her for being able to model through all that nonsense. Lily-Rose Depp could barely look awake in a vintage Chanel minidress, and here’s Julia serving SERIOUS face even though the rest of her is dressed as the Valedictorian of Clown College with a minor in body condoms.

The night before, she donned this outfit for an art event:

Art of Elysium

I don’t know if that’s a top, a necklace, or just a body-plaster experiment that went deeply awry.

[Photos: Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images, Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Jane Owen PR]
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