Ahoy! I’ve just learned that Zooey Deschanel here has a Max show — you might remember them as “HBO Max” — called What Am I Eating? and it is sadly not a show where she is, like, blindfolded or something and has to guess what she is literally eating. People reports that it “aims to set the record straight on misconceptions about food” and “Some of the truth she’s uncovering encompasses very practical questions most home cooks have each day like, ‘How long until my fruit goes bad?'” Sure! I’m not sure that she is the person I’d go to with all my fruit questions, but why not? (SURELY many a production company is trying to get a show where she and the Property Brother she’s partnered up with, like….renovated things. Did that already happen? ANYWAY, I’m getting to my point here, and it is: This outfit is KOOKY. She looks like your best friend in college who was slightly eccentric and knew all the good vintage stores; it’s very Janeane Garafolo in Reality Bites, extremely early 90s. And while I hate the styling, I love the dress and might actually want a show called What Am I Wearing? instead.

(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Warner Bros. Discovery)