Fug File: VMAs


This might be my favorite picture from all of the VMAs. Taylor is like, “OH YES YOU WILL BE MINE” and Justin is like, “YIKES. This is going to end poorly, all recriminations and awesome breakup songs.”

Just in case you spent yesterday in a restful and restorative coma, here’s EVERYTHING we wrote about the Sunday’s VMAs. Read them in good health!


VMAs Fugs and Fines: Cleaning Out Ye Olde Lightbox

Do I want overalls to happen again? No. But at least Willow Smith is ACTUALLY a child, which means they’re 100 percent more normal on her than on anyone else in Hollywood who’s tried them lately.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Jennifer Hudson

I have notes on this one, but they pale in comparison to my feelings about what she wore on-stage.

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VMAs Pantsless Carpet: Danity Kane

In which Danity Kane “reunites” and the world responds with a resounding, “Wait, who are they again?”

To which we say, “You know, that girl group from Making The Band that brought us Fug Madness Champion 2009 Aubrey O’Day (third from the left) who has chopped off her hair but has kindly continued to bring us fashion shenanigans by ALSO apparently chopping off her pants. The entirety of the reborn Danity Kane, in fact, shuns pants. They’re coming to us on an anti-pants mission. Which actually might mean they’re perfectly poised for a return to MTV.”

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VMAs AfterParty Fug Carpet: Jessica Biel

There was a lot of chatter on Twitter last night about the mysterious whereabouts of Jessica Biel during the VMA’s Salute To Justin:

But now that I’ve seen what she’s wearing, I can’t say I blame her for not wanting to be photographed.

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams

Allison Williams introduced the final act of the VMAs last night — her bff, Katy Perry, who performed under the Brooklyn Bridge (which¬†did look pretty cool) — presumably because in addition to being Katy’s Person, she also knows all about Brooklyn from…being in Girls? And Jemima Kirke came because…

The racket outside her coven got so loud she thought she might as well go see what was happening? Just a guess.

Allison Williams, on the other hand, looked like she got lost on her way to a meeting at the Aveeno World Headquarters or something:

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