Fugger: Various Kardashians

What the Fug: Khloe Kardashian

The Kardashians and Jenners have been laying so low that I think Khloe’s aim here was, effectively, to leap out of the bushes and jolt us back into constant vigilance – as if to ay, “Don’t get too comfortable. We will ALWAYS BE NEAR.”

Khloe and Kris

Not that Khloe should be an arbiter of comfort, given that nothing about her outfit suggests an understanding of the concept. About the only thing here I would want to wear is Kris’s koat, lipstick, and maybe her shirt if I really needed a plain black top. Honestly, Khloe, would it kill you to go against the Kardashian grain? WOULD IT? If I were Nordstrom, launching a new line of jeans, I’d be pretty bummed out that Khloe appears to have picked a pair that prevents her from standing up straight. I’d also be hacked off that she refused to put on a real shirt, although… honestly, if you hire a Kardashian to host something for you, I suppose you both know what you’re getting and WANT the guaranteed publicity associated with Khloe looking rained-on and as if she wandered out from her sex yurt to investigate a suspicious noise. Oh well. I guess you can’t spell “Nordstrom” without “No.”

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What the Fug: The Jenndashians

Kim has been keeping a very low profile since the incident in Paris, which I think is good for her. Obviously I’m not saying the incident ITSELF was, but the fact that she can react to it the way many of us would — burrowing in her house and taking a breather and just BEING for a little bit until she feels okay again — is a reassuring statement on her ability to turn off the spotlight for a second.

Because of the robbery, we accidentally missed some rather impressively Kardlike outfits from that trip, so I’m covering those here; otherwise, it’s just been Kendall and Kourtney out and about lately, making perfunctory appearances to keep the paps afloat. Because if a week passes without a Jenndashian in the wild, did it really count?

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Fugs and Fabs: Celebs at the Givenchy Show

This slideshow is FULL of people who seem lukewarm at best about this experience.

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High Fugshion: Balmain S/S 2017 at Paris Fashion Week, The Jenndashian Edit

Let’s be real: This line is about 80 percent targeted right at the Kardashians and Jenners at this point, so we might as well play matchmaker (with an eye toward a couple other regulars too). Warning: There are full nipples on display, so tread carefully at work.


What the Fug: The Kardashians Ride Again

There are some truly, truly, epically offensive outfits in here. Honestly, at this point they just make me shake my head and say, “Oh, KIMBERLY,” because at the end of the day, again, my mantra is: It’s a comedy, and the joke’s on them. Also, the more people rage about her, the easier it is for her to wash right over me, I guess. But if it’s at the point where if you can’t discuss Kim in the comments with any measure of remove or composure – and that’s not a judgment; I get that she’s polarizing — then you might just want to scroll past this one. We stick them in a slideshow to make it easier for people to avoid the Jenndashians, and if you need to spare yourselves, do.

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What the Fugs: The Kardashians at New York Fashion Week

My intro got eaten. I think it’s because even WORDS no longer covers it.

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