Fugger: Various Kardashians

Fugs and Like One Half-Fab: Kylie Jenner Turns 18

Nothing says “CHECK IT OUT EVERYONE WE CAN LEGALLY BANG NOW” like giving your until-recently-underage girlfriend a $320,000 Ferrari the second the jailbait label erodes. And nothing says “It’s August and nobody’s doing anything” like the sight of a Kylie Jenner’s Birthday slideshow (although in fairness, we do get to see Caitlyn Jenner looking classier than the rest of her brood, which is satisfying).


Fugging Up With The Jenndashians

Earlier, we had J.Lo trying to keep up with these fools, and now we have the originals. Ah, summer: Can’t you steal some of the events that clog up awards season, so that it’s more spread out? Does the Art of Elysium Whatsit have to happen Golden Globes weekend? Can’t the people choose to have the People’s Choice Awards sneak into late July? SHARE.

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ESPYs Fine and Fug Carpet: Various Kardashians and Jenners

I’m starting to wonder if Kylie is pathologically unable to enjoy anything. She’s starting to develop Kim’s patented Blankface — and Kim’s patented Actual Face, in a way — and even Kendall can’t make her crack much of a sincere smile. What is going ON. Kylie is only 17, still, right? Is it too late to call Child Protective Services?

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Recent Fugs and Fabs: Katching Up with the Kardashians

Because it’s summer, a.k.a. the only time of year when I’m looking around and going, “Aw, hell, there’s not much else going on, so I might as well see what Kim Kardashian has been doing.” Turns out we missed a few things while we were looking elsewhere.

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What the Fug (As Usual): Kim Kardashian, with an assist from Khloe

If this is how her shirt situation is going at the dawn of spring…

kim kardashian in paris

… then I’m developing some anxieties about what summer will bring.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what a Kardashian would wear to the viewing of a memorial to victims of genocide against Armenians:

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VMAs Fug Carpet: Kim Kardashian and the Jenners

Sometimes it looks like Kim really struggles to remember what all her face muscles can do.

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