So, Kimberly here — while in Paris in this outfit — was assaulted by that dipshit douchepickle asshat who has made a name for himself by ambushing celebrities in front of paparazzi or red carpet cameras. (I will not print his photo or use his name, because I refuse to give him the satisfaction.) And make no mistake, despite the fact that Kim was uninjured and he did not hit her, what he is doing is still assault. He lunged out and attempted to kiss her ass. In 2014, he dove at America Ferrera on the Cannes red carpet and climbed under her dress. He has shoved Kim to the ground before, once lunged at and buried his face in Leonardo DiCaprio’s crotch at a film festival, kissed Will Smith at a premiere, hugged Ciara while wearing a thong at a Valentino show, and then mere days ago, fully picked up Gigi Hadid and attempted to carry her off, before she elbowed him. Gigi, hideously, was rewarded with headlines implying she was being rude to a fan. HELLO. Even if it had not been The Usual Prankster, it’s not acceptable to stroll up to a person and PICK THEM UP AND LEAVE WITH THEM. That’s essentially kidnapping, even if you only take them one block away. It’s also invasive and appalling, as are all his little “jokes,” and I cannot believe this jackwagon bilgewad is still roaming the streets getting off on what he clearly thinks are cheeky and hilarious hijinks that are making him famous. As if people in the world don’t have enough to worry about, and as if celebrities aren’t skittish enough about their personal safety. You are the worst, sir.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]