It’s brilliant that Kimothy has purchased sunglasses that look like a living GLAMOUR DON’T bar across her face, concealing her identity — as if any other of the world’s great supply of sartorial dumbasses would wear this. This is pure Kim — it looks weird, unfriendly to human biological needs, unflattering, kinda naked, and it’s all topped off with what is sincerely some great outerwear. (Legit, that’s an AMAZING wine cardigan grown into full-on coat status and it makes less than no sense when paired with what I think everyone had to wear when they were filming their TronĀ greenscreen.)

I shall not mince words: THIS IS SO DUMB.

Kim Kardashian Returns to The Ritz Hotel in Paris

Is it bad that the worst thing here is that it’s a full-on body suit and not a catsuit? HOW DO YOU TAKE THIS OFF? Actually, I take it back: The sincerely worst thing about this is that if you pulled on a leather pencil skirt over this, she would look amazing.