It would seem that serving a perilously booby outfit at Beautycon — it was vintage D&G, if you can believe it — rekindled Kim Kardashian’s taste for looking as confusing as possible in public, because here she is on her way to Jimmy Kimmel’s show in an outfit comprised of WORDS and WRODS with a dash of FKJDGFHSGKJT — which is headdesk for, “AAAAAH,” and not, as you might have wondered, a bookshelf at Ikea. The shirt might honestly be made of black pantyhose. The pants are… velvet cropped leggings, maybe? And the plastic wedges are… I mean… plastic wedges, I assume? And what MIRACLE of science allows little more than torn nylons to hold her chest in place? Why do they defy physics this way? Why do they, period? And yet… welcome back, Kimberly, because no one gives me belly laughs quite like you, even though — or maybe especially because — you’re probably not doing it intentionally.