The Kardashians and Jenners have been laying so low that I think Khloe’s aim here was, effectively, to leap out of the bushes and jolt us back into constant vigilance – as if to ay, “Don’t get too comfortable. We will ALWAYS BE NEAR.”

Not that Khloe should be an arbiter of comfort, given that nothing about her outfit suggests an understanding of the concept. About the only thing here I would want to wear is Kris’s koat, lipstick, and maybe her shirt if I really needed a plain black top. Honestly, Khloe, would it kill you to go against the Kardashian grain? WOULD IT? If I were Nordstrom, launching a new line of jeans, I’d be pretty bummed out that Khloe appears to have picked a pair that prevents her from standing up straight. I’d also be hacked off that she refused to put on a real shirt, although… honestly, if you hire a Kardashian to host something for you, I suppose you both know what you’re getting and WANT the guaranteed publicity associated with Khloe looking rained-on and as if she wandered out from her sex yurt to investigate a suspicious noise. Oh well. I guess you can’t spell “Nordstrom” without “No.”

[Photo: Getty]