I’m so pleased that so many people did interviews last night, because the extra context about the outfits was so helpful. Riz stopped to talk to Vogue and did a whole piece with GQ about this ensemble, which on the surface looks like not a lot, but then you hear him talk: “It’s an homage to the immigrant workers who kept the Gilded Age golden.” He expanded on that with GQ:

“Part of what I really value about this place are the waves of immigrants and workers that have kind of kept this city running, whether it was before in the Gilded Age or now in its new Gilded Age, or during the pandemic,” he said. “And so this is in many ways a bit of a love letter to those blue collar workers, those immigrant workers” who keep the city running.

He collaborated with Angelo Urrutia, the man behind the two-year old house 4SDesigns, who has worked with Ahmed on several other looks — so, in addition to taking a thoughtfully unusual approach here, he’s also elevating the work of a designer whose stage might not otherwise be this large.

Riz here is the anchor to our final post of Met Gala outfits, which includes people whose designer credits we were waiting for last night (some of which we still don’t have), some of which should have been filed elsewhere. We have another bad Burberry, for example, and a Hilfiger, but we also have a GORGEOUS Miss Sohee gown. I hope we didn’t miss anyone — there are… a whole lot of photos? — but I think for the most part we’ve nailed this thing shut for another year.

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