Just a quick housekeeping note: There was no Royals Round-Up last week because everyone was on vacay and I had no new pics to run. I made this announcement in Fugs & Pieces, our final post of every week. In the future, if you’re wondering about housekeeping stuff like this, that’s a great place to check. We’re back this week, but August is traditionally light on Royal Sightings, so we may be sporadic this month.

Princess Anne’s birthday is tomorrow, and this seems like a good time to revisit the Gallery of Doubtfulness I created for her a few years ago.

Of interest around the internet:

This might be fun! At the NYT: Delayed ‘Diana’ Musical to Be Streamed on Netflix

I think I speak for all of us when I say, BLEEEEEEEUUUUUURK: Prince Andrew Allegedly Used a Puppet of Himself to Grope Victims at Jeffrey Epstein’s Home. (I truly think Andrew is going to skate on this, however.) [Vanity Fair]

Also at Vanity Fair, I thought this was a very interesting and good interview with Omid Scobie about Finding Freedom.

We talked about this a bit in Fugs and Pieces last week and it seems like a MESS: Juan Carlos, Spain’s disgraced former king, may be in Abu Dhabi, reports suggest

This is an older story, that I ran across looking for something else, but it’s incredibly interesting (and depressing) (and timely): How Measles Helped Destroy the Hawaiian Monarchy [History]

Super interesting, at Tatler: The extraordinary life of the beautiful, and radical, last Queen of Italy. 

Harry and Meghan have moved to Santa Barbara, which seems like the perfect place for them — close enough to LA to come in if they really need to, but very beautiful and chill and private otherwise. [People]

LATE EDIT! This happened after I finished this post, but it’s really good and I don’t want people to miss it: Meghan did an interview for The 19th Represents Summit and it was excellent. (She also looks fab.) Per The 19th: “For this conversation, Meghan was in the interviewer’s seat, talking with The 19th’s co-founder and CEO, Emily Ramshaw, about the role of gender in media and why Ramshaw started the new nonprofit newsroom earlier this year. But Meghan did answer a few questions from Ramshaw, reflecting on her lived experiences as a biracial woman and mother coming home to a troubled nation. ” It’s definitely worth your time, it’s a really interesting and good conversation.

And on social media:

These are fun pics:

This was a nice shout-out to the only royal photographer that I think everyone in the royal family has love for:

This is interesting:

The Danish Royals insta has been amazing lately, with photos of their interiors and whatnot. I’d go scroll through the recent posts. But I will share this one directly:

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For 20 år siden blev 17 moderne gobeliner hængt op i Riddersalen på Christiansborg Slot. Vægtæpperne var en gave til Hendes Majestæt Dronningen i anledning af Majestætens 50-års fødselsdag 10 år tidligere. I dag er det en af de største fremstillinger af Danmarkshistorien på vægtæpper. Efter tegninger af professor Bjørn Nørgaard blev tæpperne fremstillet af de traditionsrige franske væverier Manufacture de Beauvais og Manufacture des Gobelins, som har lagt navn til begrebet ”gobelin”.⁣ ⁣ I de 17 gobeliner fortæller Bjørn Nørgaard om Danmarks- og verdenshistorien gennem de seneste 1000 år: vikingetiden, ældre og yngre middelalder, reformationen, adelsvældet, ældre og yngre enevælde, det sene 1800-tal, 2. Verdenskrig, nutiden og fremtiden. I et kulørt billedsprog sammenvæves scener med historiske begivenheder, konger og dronninger med periodetypiske genstande, symboler og ornamenter. Den nuværende kongelige familie er også vævet ind i den store gobelinfortælling; omgivet af gravhunde optræder Dronningen og Prins Henrik på vægtæppet ”Nutiden”, mens Deres Kongelige Højheder Kronprinsen og Prins Joachim vises på tæppet ”Fremtiden”.⁣ ⁣ Store vægtæpper blev tidligere brugt som dekorative og isolerende vægudsmykninger i velstående hjem. På de kongelige slotte finder man flere bevarede vægtæpper med historiske og mytologiske scener i blandt andet Christian VII’s Palæ på Amalienborg. I anledning af 20-års jubilæet for gobelinerne deles der de kommende dage på Kongehusets sociale medier billeder og anekdoter om nogle af de kongelige slottes forskellige vægtæpper.⁣ ⁣ Keld Navntoft, Kongehuset ©️

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Google Translate says: 20 years ago, 17 modern tapestries were hung in the Knights’ Hall at Christiansborg Castle. The tapestries were a gift to Her Majesty the Queen on the occasion of Her Majesty’s 50th birthday 10 years earlier. Today, it is one of the largest representations of Danish history on tapestries. According to drawings by Professor Bjørn Nørgaard, the rugs were made by the traditional French weavers Manufacture de Beauvais and Manufacture des Gobelins, which have given their name to the term “tapestry”. ” ⁣

In the 17 tapestries, Bjørn Nørgaard tells about Danish and world history through the last 1000 years: the Viking Age, older and younger Middle Ages, the Reformation, the aristocracy, older and younger autocracy, the late 1800s, World War II, the present and the future. In a colored imagery, scenes are interwoven with historical events, kings and queens with period-typical objects, symbols and ornaments. The present royal family is also woven into the great tapestry tale; surrounded by dachshunds, the Queen and Prince Henrik appear on the tapestry “The Present”, while their Royal Highnesses the Crown Prince and Prince Joachim appear on the tapestry “The Future” .⁣

Large tapestries were formerly used as decorative and insulating wall decorations in affluent homes. At the royal castles you will find several preserved tapestries with historical and mythological scenes in, among others, Christian VII’s Palace at Amalienborg. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the tapestries, pictures and anecdotes about some of the royal palaces’ different tapestries will be shared on the Royal House’s social media in the coming days.

Click through and look at them, they’re really rad. (I love tapestries!)

The Dutch are showing us all their chairs? What is HAPPENING? I love it:

This is also great, even though I understand none of it and honestly this would have been really REALLY useful when we were writing The Heir Affair, y’all:

They appear to be having a nice, sporty vacation:

I’m jeal.

This is sweet; I like Bea’s top:


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Happy holidays

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