This slideshow offers you everything from cute masks to cute babies to cute dogs.

And ICYMI: I covered Queen Rania’s wedding yesterday! Her gown is very dramatic.

Elsewhere of potential interest:

Per People: Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Dress (Borrowed from the Queen!) Will Be Displayed at Windsor

At Tatler: The Queen to leave Balmoral early ahead of returning to royal duties in person. (She’s heading back to work in person in October PLEASE STAY FAR AWAY FROM THE QUEEN THIS YEAR HAS BEEN HARD ENOUGH)

This is so interesting, at Vanity Fair: Why The Crown Painstakingly Recreated Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress

He hasn’t been out much lately, but The Anglofile (a newsletter I enjoy very much) reminded me that Prince Charles made a short film about how great Romania is earlier this summer. It does look BEAUTIFUL. (Where IS Charles? Camilla had a bunch of outings this week but he hasn’t done anything since August 15th. I know they take August very quietly but let’s start a rumor that he’s fallen down a well and decided to make a home there.)

Hello! reports that Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has began military school as part of her preparation to be Queen eventually.

Royal Central reports that the pandemic has “impacted” Princess Mako’s wedding plans and I will be surprised if this wedding actually happens. It has been pushed SEVERAL times, her fiance’s family had some vague money-related scandal, the LAST time they gave us the update it seemed like her Dad made her tell the public it was still “on hold,” just let this woman either break up with the dude OR marry him, y’all!!

At Harper’s Bazaar: Prince Harry [and presumably also Meghan, I’m just cutting and pasting their headline here] Repays $3.1 Million Frogmore Cottage Renovations Back to the Royal Family in Full. This has to be a weight off their shoulders.

At History Extra, this feels timely: Your guide to the Anarchy. (I am not that familiar with this period in history, so this was educational for me.)

Also very interesting at History Extra: The East India Company: how a trading corporation became an imperial ruler

V. relevant to my interests: These Royals Wearing Cape Coats Will Be Your Fall Fashion Inspiration. Would that it were cape-coat weather! [Town & Country]

And a late add, via the BBC (which is sometimes surprisingly dishy): Belgium ex-king’s love child seeks royal rights and titles. Apparently her lawyers announced this on said ex-king’s wife’s birthday, which was probably not a coincidence.

And on social media:

This is very pretty on Camz:

This is a good look (that I can see of it):

I enjoy this casual MASSIVE FIREPLACE behind them:

Haakon is handsome:

Per Google Translate: “The media has provided very good information and played an important role during this period, said the Crown Prince when he visited Flekkefjord in Agder today. People who work with media and communication shared their experiences during the corona period in a conversation with Crown Prince Haakon. A sharp drop in advertising revenue, enormous news needs and many in the home office were some of the things he heard about. A small group of kindergarten children with flags welcomed the Crown Prince to Flekkefjord this morning.” THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT HAAKON.

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