Hey all,

Hope your weekend is safe and calm, and if you are in an area of the West Coast that is affected by fires, that you are safe. (I am very close to the Bobcat Fire and the smoke is so extremely bad none of us can go outside, but am otherwise okay — that one isn’t [currently] threatening any homes. We have been very fortunate here that the wind pushed this fire further into the woods and not the other direction.)

I just noticed that the Kindle version of THE HEIR AFFAIR is currently on sale for $3.99, if you’d like to get in on that! 

Do you long for some new office supplies? I rounded up some cute ones.

You might not know this about me, but I LOVE voting swag. I LOVE it. I have SO many campaign tee shirts (I just bought this one of aviator sunglasses from the Biden/Harris shop; it’s cute and also obviously I love sunglasses so very on-brand personally), and I also just bought this great one from Clare V with When We All Vote. (FYI: the link to Clare V is an affiliate link!) Over at The Stripe, Grace rounded up a lot of other cute Vote items. I will probably buy some of those, also!

Speaking of, why not check and make sure your registration is up to date!

I love this! ‘The Princess Bride’ cast is reuniting to do a Virtual Table Read and Q&A in a fundraiser to benefit the Wisconsin Democrats — it’s this Sunday, the 13th, and tickets are Give What You Can. I obviously hate this pandemic, but it’s great that stuff like this is open to literally all of us now.

This is such a good interview with designer Loza Maléombho, at Harper’s Bazaar.

This is so cool, at the LA Opera’s blog: The Fashions of Figaro

I’ve heard this movie is GREAT (although I will not see anything in a theatre, and I really want the explainer behind the decision to put this on the big screen right now): Rom-com Alert! Geraldine Viswanathan in The Broken Hearts Gallery [Lainey]

These “comedy wildlife photos” are A DELIGHT! [Mashable]

I loved this essay: Good-bye to Century 21, the Store Where I Grew Up [NY Mag]

I did not remember this sketch — maybe I didn’t see this episode? In 1998, I was probably out on a Saturday night — and I cried laughing reading/watching this: The Story of How ‘Saturday Night Live’ Made the “Stevie Nicks’ Fajita Roundup” Sketch. It’s….the greatest? I will never order fajitas without thinking of this henceforth. [The Ringer]

At Vulture, an intriguing theory:  Leonardo DiCaprio Won’t Let Himself Be Hot Onscreen Without Dying

I continue to read all about these two and I still don’t know why???? And yet: Jana Kramer’s cheating husband once filed for divorce while in sex rehab. Why am I so compelled by this! [Celebitchy]

Very interesting, at Lainey: Breaking down the Academy’s new diversity rules for future Best Picture nominees at the Oscars

Fascinating, at Bitch Magazine: The Internet has (Literally) Accelerated Gender Reveal Parties. (PLEASE STOP SETTING THINGS ON FIRE/KILLING PEOPLE AT YOUR PARTIES, Y’ALL.)

Truly a delight, at the New Yorker: Roger Angell at a Hundred

So thoughtful and good, by Nicole Chung at the New York Times: My Child Has a Disability. What Will Her Education Be Like This Year?

Great, at the LA Times: Think the Regency was all corsets and patriarchy? A romance-lit fiend says think again

At Town & Country, this is of GREAT IMPORTANCE TO MOI: How to Make a Honey Deuce, the Most Popular Drink at the US Open

Really good, at Vanity Fair: Paris Hilton on Finally Finding Her Voice, Figuratively and Literally

So interesting, at Tatler: When Gaby Spelled Glamour: The fascinating life of model-turned-designer Gaby Young-Mackinnon

Over at Messy Nessy Chic, this is great: “I Accidentally Accumulated the World’s Largest Archive of ’80s Esprit Merch”

Finally, I got to be the guest on Julie Buxbaum’s Instagram Live show this week! We talked about all kinds of stuff, from one of my favorite book genres, Rich People with Problems (which sometimes has overlap with my other fave, People Having Romantical Problems During Wartimes, and another favorite, People Pretend to Be In Love WHOOPS Now They Actually Are) to fashion history (much of which I was vague on!) and the appeal of crazy pants.