First of all, I bet we’re about to see a lot of royal engagements taking place outside — which is lovely now but might be dramatic, weather-wise, in a couple of months. Well, if anyone has the formal coat wardrobe required to only do exterior work, it’s Kate Middleton (don’t yell at me, you know I know her name). Second, this seems like a good cause:

(Not like it’s ever a bad cause. Rarely do I find myself typing things like, “Today, Kate came out to chat with a local group of mobsters who are laundering money earned from meth dealing through a local nail salon with the help of this shady lawyer. They discussed the challenges of remaining two steps ahead of law enforcement, and best practices for avoiding being blackmailed.”) Anyway, this particular event involved: a VERY cute baby, what looks like a real nice park (it’s Battersea Park, which the internet tells me is “the most interesting” of all the London parks, which seems like a high bar!), and a totally reasonable outfit on Kate, consisting of her beloved Superga sneakers, a white Ralph Lauren tee, and these pinkish Marks and Spencers pants that she previously wore with a suit and which had totally fallen out of my mindhole, I think because we didn’t cover this for some reason due to Issues With Pictures. ANYWAY!

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