Friends, I am losing my touch — or, at the very least, my Royal Spidey Sense needs recalibration. I thought Kate would emerge from whatever she’s been doing in lockdown yesterday, to celebrate Hold Still, the exhibit of photographs she curated about quarantine, which debuted online and which looks terrific (and also will probably make you cry). I was wrong! Instead, she and Wills came out today for a series of engagements meeting with folks who’ve been impacted by the lockdown:

I too like to end a workday with carbs! Let’s take a closer look. For your Fashion ID intel, Kate’s wearing this Beulah London dress we’ve previously only seen on Zoom and I am relieved/sad that it doesn’t end in like, like, giant sheer patches, and also has moved onto Ralph Lauren shoes which are definitely more brown than beige and are very pretty in that These Are Investment Heels That I Will Wear All The Time kind of way. William is, naturally, wearing a hollowed out pumpkin atop his head and a pair of pleather lederhosen, as is his royal wont.

PS: It’s also Harry’s birthday today! Happy birthday, Harry, and California is sorry about all the smoke.

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