Step aside, Michelle Williams: Someone else is here to be iconic in a mustard yellow dress! Give it up for Margaret of Anjou, Queen o’ England, bride of Henry VI, leader of the Lancastrian contingent in the Wars of the Roses, who died on this date in 1482 and who apparently SLAYED 15th century England both literally sometimes but also sartorially!

It takes a very special woman to be able to both cover for her husband sometimes due to his tendency to dip into bouts of insanity* AND  realize that yellow does flatter her complection! It’s a tall order to be a person who kinda started a war because she didn’t invite someone to a meeting** AND also rock giant-ass sleeves without setting herself on fire!*** Sure, maybe you’re impressed because she tried to have a variety of rivals assassinated**, but eventually ended up (like anyone who’s anyone) in The Tower*, and then had to go be The Poor Relation** of the King of France before dying. Maybe you’re stanning the fact that Shakespeare had her carry around the disembodied head of her lover in Henry VI, Part 2*! Maybe you think it’s baller that eventually her remains got yanked out of her grave and thrown around by hooligans during the French Revolution**!  But I’m impressed that she predicted the very best work of Vera Wang more than five hundred years before it happened! Bow down!

***as far as we know


[Photo by Culture Club/Getty Images]