Fug File: Unfug It Up

Producers Guild Awards Unfug It Up: Felicity Jones in Valentino

Well, at least this sheer skirt is prettier than the last one Felicity Jones had to model.

producers guild awards 2015

But think how nice this might’ve looked if it DIDN’T look shoplifted from the Z Gallerie home goods section.

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Unfug It Up: Anne Hathaway

You guys, Anne Hathaway is REALLY into Winter White right now:


This is the first of two posts today wherein I wonder if I have gone insane — so the answer is probably “YES” — but I think I like the suit. I don’t even totally hate the top, although I think I’d do something different with it, if I were in charge of Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe (this is surely something that will happen eventually). I just want to swap out the shoes. A metallic? She might need jewelry, too, now that I think about it. What do you think? Have at it, Stylists of Fug Nation! HAVE AT IT.


Critics’ Choice Movie Awards Unfug or Fab: Jennifer Aniston in Gucci

I admit, I was tempted for a second to put Angelina and Aniston in the same post, and make you vote. Team Jen vs. Team Jolie, once and for all. But then I decided that story is A DECADE OLD NOW. Nobody cares. I’m on both your teams, and neither of your teams, all at the same time. As much as I love soaps and a good ol’ catfight, I’m over it, and — inasmuch as you’re ever truly over wanting to stick it to your ex’s new lobster — I suspect both of them are over it as well, because they would rather their gravestones not read, say, “Here lieth Jennifer Aniston, former wife of Brad Pitt, did some acting stuff, hated Angelina until her last breath, enraged that she went first, Unbroken stank,” or whatever.

So. For today, at least, until I change my mind again, I will only IMAGINE the side-eyes that might have been exchanged, and instead focus on Jennifer’s getup. (Except for how I just wrote a whole paragraph about her and Angelina ANYWAY. Sorry, Jen. Best efforts and all that.)

Jennifer Aniston at The 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood

Jennifer had a truly endearing look on her face at the Globes that suggested she thought maybe, just maybe, she might win that thing for Cake. She didn’t, and then didn’t get an Oscar nod either. (I forgot that when I wrote my Oscar Afternoon Chat post. Haven’t seen that one, either.) That has to be disappointing. But much like how Emily Blunt may have been like, “FINE, let me show you what you are missing,” this outfit says to me, “Just be cool. Be cool. You’re not bummed. Be cool. You’re chill like ice. BE COOL. IT DIDN’T BOTHER YOU, YOU’RE JUST A COMPLETELY HIP PERSON OUT FOR A CASUAL NIGHT, YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT TROPHIES, YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE  MANTEL, ALTHOUGH THAT’S ONLY BECAUSE YOU SLEDGEHAMMERED IT IN A RAGE THIS AFTERNOON BUT WHATEVER NOBODY KNOWS THAT.”

What I like about it: the RED. As in, generally the only color she’ll wear that isn’t black or white or grey, although this one has a rusty tinge to it that’s a nice change from Fire Engine hues And I appreciate that it’s a departure from type. I even don’t hate the idea of the sexy suit jacket, sans shirt and plus sternum bling. But sometimes that can look weighed-down rather than like Letting It All Hang Out, and I worry this is leaning toward the former. I also think the overlong pant with the aggressive seams, paired with matching shoes, takes it even further away from hip and into older-lady territory. A slimmer fit on her shins and a high strappy pair of black or gold shoes… what do you think? Does it help? Tell it like it is in the comments. Y’all, be there for her. ‘Cause she’s there for you too.

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Golden Globes Unfug or Fab: Kate Walsh in Naeem Khan

I love a floral, and I LOVE Naeem Khan, so I wanted to fall for this.

Kate Walsh Golden Globes 2015

But… does it lose interest in itself? All that lovely embroidery seems to end a banal, snowy blah. There’s a weight to how it finishes — the fabric equivalent of a heavy sigh. How would you fix it? Keep the flowers contained above the waist? Simply reshape the bottom? Or is it the one sleeve that tips things weirdly? Or, and this is ENTIRELY possible, am I totally off my tree and this is perfection and I should be shot out of a cannon onto a dumber planet?

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Unfugs or Fabs: Julianne Moore in Alexander Wang and Alexander McQueen

Julianne is apparently super into Alexanders right now. But is it advisable? You decide.

Exhibit A: The McQueen.

Julianne Moore

I get that this is a casual dress for a casual Q&A, so there’s not much reason to work up a head of steam about it. But the way the top is designed to look like the world’s dreariest Talbot’s sweater set bums me out. Do not go full Talbots on a full McQueen budget. It’s like paying restaurant prices for a quarter-pounder.

Next up: the Wang, which is more interesting.

wang it with me


Unfug or Fab: Elizabeth Banks in Leonard

I love that she always brings with her the spirit of Effie Trinket, without going full cracky-bananas on us. She gets how to use seasoning.

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