True story: I thought I had downloaded this photo for our Louis Vuitton runway slideshow, but when I realized I hadn’t, I decided the piece was long enough already so I didn’t go back in to get it. I should have, as I’d picked it out for Michelle.

It’s definitely not full-force Turbo Fug, like a lot of that collection. It’s actually quite interesting, and — gasp — sitting in the right spot on her body, so we don’t have to shriek about hoiking. But this doesn’t look like Michelle Williams WEARING the dress so much as a Michelle Williams Paper Doll where we’re swiping dresses on and off her to see how they look but we can’t change anything about her head. This demands slightly more rock-and-roll styling. The shoes are a good start, but maybe a dark mani/pedi would help. Give the lady a snake bracelet. mess up and spike up that hair, or do a smoky dramatic eye. Don’t just do the exact same beauty look as every other day. Trust me, I understand comfort zones. I don’t know a damn thing about makeup, so the rare times I wear it, I tend to default to the usual and it’s probably boring and wrong. But if I had a makeup artist, I’d USE that person. The dress is only the beginning. Finish telling the story; don’t just write a great opening paragraph and then bail. Or in Seinfeld terms, don’t Yada Yada Yada yourself.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]