Happy baseball weekend, friends! And if you’re in the path of Hurricane Matthew, please stay safe and dry. And thank you for being a friend. Speaking of…

– YOU GUYS. We need these Golden Girls action figures! [Elle]

– At Jezebel, this is a great piece: A Seat at the Table Is Solange’s Sermon for the Self

– At the New York Times: Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice for Living. (Fun trivia fact I just learned: Nabokov was RBG’s lit professor. No big.)

– This piece at Buzzfeed, about making Real World/Road Rules Challenge (or whatever they’re calling it now [jk, I know it’s called now just THE CHALLENGE) is really interesting.

– At Previously.Tv: Sarah Michelle Gellar Talking Angrily To A Picture Of Erica Kane. Oh, Kendall. I loved you.

– Over at Lainey, it’s TIM RIGGINS. ENJOY.

– Vulture is doing an interesting series right now. To quote their intro: Every week between now and February 26, 2017, when the winners of the Academy Awards are announced, Vulture will consult its crystal ball to determine the changing fortunes in this year’s Oscars race. In our Oscar Futures column, we’ll let you in on insider gossip, parse brand-new developments, and track industry buzz to figure out who’s up, who’s down, and who’s currently leading the race for a coveted Oscar nomination.”

– I retweeted this article at Slate before I realized that I am actually quoted in it. It’s that on brand. Ahem: An Interview With the Tiny House Hunters Couple Who Bought a Literal Burned-Down Shack for $155,000

– At Pajiba: The Creepiest Podcast Episodes for Your October Listening Pleasure. This is very useful!

– Amazing, at Vanity Fair: A Look at 40 Years of Peter Lindbergh’s Luscious Portrait and Fashion Photography

– Also at VF, a very interesting piece on blind items.

– I laughed out loud at this headline on Celebitchy:  Chrissy Teigen opens and reads Rihanna’s mail that comes to her house. (Also, a good time to note that I have now cooked about half of Chrissy’s cookbook and it’s STILL legit my favorite cookbook of the year so far.)

– Food related: You may enjoy this interview at The A.V Club with an in-flight dining critic.

– At Town and Country: A History of Ginormous and Ridiculously Tiny Handbags

– Did you hear about that very silly article which posited that young women should aim to be more like “Shakespeare’s heroines” than Kim Kardashian? Obviously, everyone in the world was like, “um…..you mean, like, plot with your husband to literally murder the king, or fake your own death to annoy your parents just because they don’t like the dude you met at a party like a week ago and then commit suicide when he commits suicide because the priest in your town is terrible at communicating?” Revelist presents nine Shakespeare heroines who are worse role models than Kim Kardashian.

And in case you missed anything at GFY this week, some highlights:

[Golden Girls Action Figure photo by Funko.com]