Happy weekend, everyone! I hope yours is a very pleasant one.

We had some great chats this week. Yesterday, we talked about what our walk-up songs would be if we were MLB players. (I’m really proud of mine.) We also crowd-sourced stuff we’re in the market for, which is always fun and useful. And we talked signature drinks!

Over at Drinks With Broads, all subscribers got my exploration of one of my vintage cookbooks, 500 Snacks, and the insane things it wants you to do to bananas, plus a LUXURY WITCH has entered the chat. Paid subscribers — again, thank you so much to those of you who’ve joined this level! — got a newsletter about all the things Instagram is selling us (including some INSANE shortalls) plus a look at those awful new Anne Hathaway Versace ads. And some other stuff. Come on by, it’s fun!

Really interesting: The Michelin Guide’s Problem with Women. [The New Paris Dispatch]

Per Smithsonian: NASA Will Create a New Time Zone for the Moon, Called Coordinated Lunar Time. 

You know I love art heists!! At USA Today: Fake masterpieces fooled collectors. The FBI caught on after a decade.

Oh God: Brace yourself for the Joker 2 discourse. Thank God I’m mostly off Twitter entirely. [Lainey]

Our friend Kim France has added an advice column to her great Girls of a Certain Age!

I agree with this: Hot Take: Kristen Stewart Is An Amazing Comedic Actress [Pajiba]

Wild: “Vice was once promised to become the brash young voice of news. But wild expenses, shady deals, and greed turned it into ‘a fucking clown show.’” [The Verge]

IMPORTANT: Keanu cut his hair. (For a role) (He looks nice with all hairs!) [Lainey]

Great, at CNN: Black rodeo culture has been overlooked. This photographer wants to change that.

Vanity Fair reports: Patricia Highsmith Was Almost as Twisted as Tom Ripley

At the Cut: The Biggest Revelations from Rebel Wilson’s Memoir

A very good interview with Kirsten Dunst at Variety.

At Punch: “The country’s top brewers, beer writers and buyers weigh in on the 10 breweries to know right now.”

Speaking of stuff I enjoy drinking, this is HIGHLY RELEVANT TO ME, at Bon Appetit: Who Makes the Best Cold Brew? I’ve bought (and re-purchased) A LOT of these.

At The Ringer: “It’s hard to believe there was a time when there wasn’t a women’s match at WrestleMania. Here is an abridged look at the evolution of women’s wrestling at the Showcase of the Immortals.”

 (Photo by Focus on Sport via Getty Images)