In Paris this weekend, all three outfits Zendaya wore for Challengers were, finally, Louis Vuitton — but, amusingly, the first two out of the three were archival, from collections designed by Marc Jacobs. I have written a whole soap in my head about how either Zendaya or Law (or both) HATES current LV designer Nicolas Ghesquiere and has been enjoying letting this ambassadorship deal twist in the wind; they did bust out something custom for the actual premiere, and I guess it’s possible they’re ramping up to something major? As we’ve discussed on Drinks With Broads, I am so intrigued by what the text of that deal is, and what’s going on behind the scenes — but given how mediocre Vuitton’s work was for Emma Stone, its major awards contender of the season, it’s really hard to fault Law and Zendaya if they want to shop around as much as possible.

[Photos: Marc Piasecki/WireImage, Kristy Sparow/Getty Images, Stephane Cardinale/Corbis via Getty Images]