Maisie Williams and Juliette Binoche did a SAG-AFTRA panel for The New Look, a show that seemed to come and go with a real whimper, but which probably can still score an Emmy nod because it’ll land in the miniseries category. Maisie came in a suit that looks like someone half-cut, half-ripped it from a piece of fabric and then stapled it to something else she was wearing — but, in pics from the event, it does appear to be an actual jacket that goes all the way around the back. But wow. The silhouette is there and she’s giving it her all, but I truly despite this shaggy trend; you could floss your teeth with some of those strings.

Juliette went in another direction:

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Everything is stitched and sealed off and finished, but those look like her Bang Around The House on Sunday While I Do Laundry jeans. So which version seems more polished: the one that starts out smooth and then descends into pools of denim, or the one that has the vision but looks like someone literally did fully rip it from a designer’s clutches?

[Photos: Dominik Bindl/Getty Images]