Barry Keoghan is in Cannes with Bird, which seems like an odd little indie movie that fits into his stable of odd little characters. If you keep track of such things, it got a 7-minute standing ovation in Cannes, beating Furiosa by one minute. These are my favorite ridiculous things about film festivals, also. Imagine standing and clapping for six whole minutes. It’s an ETERNITY. And yet neither of these would have made this list of Cannes’s longest standing ovations; when I read that Furiosa’s was six minutes I honestly wondered if that counted as lukewarm, because Don’t Worry Darling only got about 4-5 minutes in Venice and we know how THAT went.

ANYWAY. This is about Barry Keoghan. I can’t tell if this little girl is in the movie, or if she’s somebody’s daughter attending Cannes; all the stories are saying it’s his co-star Nykiya Adams, but Nykiya plays a 12-year-old in the film and this tot is… not 12. So it can’t be her. Hopefully by the time this piece actually publishes, they’ll have sorted it out. But Barry was adorable with her on the red carpet. Ovaries: pinged.

[Photos: Kristy Sparow/Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]