Sarah Jessica Parker was at the Warner Bros. Upfront for And Just Like That… in a white dress so boring that I decided I didn’t want to pay for the photo, as if she is trying VERY hard not to be Carrie Bradshaw and thus stepped away from… well, anything even remotely spicy. Meanwhile, here’s Mindy (repping Velma) looking so adorable in a dress that could so easily be, say, Carrie Bradshaw for Draper James. Surely, the Carrie that we all know lives within SJP must have looked covetously at this. It’s so cute and springy — and also ripe to be ruined by a zillion layers and a hat, which is also a passion of Carrie’s. Anyway, Mindy looks super and I hope this synergy does not give SJP any ideas about putting her on And Just Like That… because I think we need to save as many people as possible from that show’s talons.

[Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]