Happy end of awards season, friends! What a long, strange ride it was. Don’t forget to vote on your best and worst dressed of the Oscars!

We had mega-Oscars coverage at Drinks With Broads, too. The live-chat was lively and so much fun! We wrapped up the best and worst of the telecast and red carpet. And yesterday, we all unloaded our OSCARS GRUDGES (and gave Heather recommendations for her upcoming vacation). We also covered the thrilling finale of The Traitors and I wrapped up Feud, a real mess.

Really interesting, at Christie’s (yes, the auction house): The Oscar-winning production designers of Poor Things on how to design like a time traveller

I’m sure many of you will be interested in this, at Defector: From TED To PERNOCTATED, Scrabble’s Best Player Knows No Limits

Uh-oh, the monoliths are back. [NYT, gifted link]

I do NOT need a new tote bag…but I do kinda dig this one. [Gap, affiliate link]

A fun and very interesting look back at the 1999 Oscars. [The Squawk]

At Texas Monthly: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Dressing Like a Cowgirl

YES: Carrie Coon Wants The Gilded Age to Take Broadway. [Vulture]

Vox wonders: Is Justin Timberlake the pop star anyone wants?

I’ve made this Grossy Pelosi recipe like three times in two weeks, it is SO GOOD.

Really interesting, at Messy Nessy Chic: Why is Jacques Griffe not as famous as Dior?

This is SUCH a pretty platter at Williams Sonoma. [affiliate link]

This is FASCINATING, at Atlas Obscura: The Respected Oxford Professors Who Say They Time Traveled

House and Garden UK is so good: The design world’s love affair with leopard print–and the rules for using it well

I’m glad for Neve Campbell that she is returning to the Scream franchise, but as Lainey points out, this casting has been fraught. [Lainey]

True: What Women Want: A Place to Watch the Game. [Eater]

I enjoy Julia Turshen’s Substack so much. This week: A pesto chart!

Useful:Grey’s Anatomy Catch-up Guide, No Matter How Far Behind You Are. [Vulture]

I chuckled at this: ‘Napkincore’ takes over the red carpet: Why are stars suddenly dressing like table linens? [Page Six]

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