First of all: Harry’s back. Second, fasten your seatbelts, because Wills and Kate and Harry have like four events next week, so…you know, something to live for or whatever. In today’s slideshow: Cute Prince George extras! Harry being charming with kids! Giant hats! Snacks! Dancing Angela Merkel?

In case you haven’t popped by here since last Friday, the Cambridges left Canada over the weekend. We had complete coverage at the time, but I’ve included a few extras from the kids in today’s piece. Also: Make sure you vote for your favorite of Kate’s looks from the tour!

And elsewhere of interest on the internet:

– Maclean’s did great coverage of Wills&Kate’s tour, including this look at the history of royal kids on tours.

– At the New York TimesKate Middleton’s Tour of Canada: A Designer Scorecard

– Harper’s Bazaar answers the age-old question: WHY PRINCE GEORGE IS ALWAYS WEARING SHORTS. (Hee, that caps lock just came over with my cut and paste of the headline, but it feels apt, right?)

– Over at What Would Kate Do, a good round-up of Kate’s Canadian wardrobe.

– Our friends at Order of Splendor have great coverage of various parliamentary openings for which I did not get pics. Go eyeball them!

– Tatler has some suggestions as to who Harry might marry.

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