Happy weekend! Hope yours is lovely.

This week, at Drinks With Broads: SOUND THE KLAXON, MELROSE PLACE IS (maybe) COMING BACK. Also, Enter Through the Gift Shop visits the Idaho Potato Museum and Heather checks out Elsbeth. Here’s another huge thank you to all you subscribers! You are keeping us alive! Your support means so much to us.  (Also, I am sorry that when I sent out the Melrose Place piece, I accidentally kept the header on that made it seem like it would be about Feud! It was not!)

Here at GFY, we had one of my favorite Afternoon Chats: the Give a Travel Rec, Get a Travel Rec! We also rounded up some goodies from the big Sephora sale.

Elsewhere: Lainey’s getting me updated for the new Taylor Swift album coming out next week. (I’m sure our friend Abby at We Have Notes is going to make sure I’m up-to-date too!)

Oh LORD: Tom Brady is ‘not opposed’ coming out of retirement. [USA Today]

Harrowing, at Slate: The Family Who Vanished Into the Bush.

I just bought this linen tank from J.Crew and I REALLY like it. It’s on sale as I type this. (They’re also having a BIG sale on swimwear.) [affiliate link]

Love this: The Super-Regular Who’s Eaten at the Same Restaurant for 31 Years. I LOVE being a regular places! [Grub Street]

I tend to agree: Wicked is already exhausting (although not so much about the themed dressing as just…the whole prospect of having to do this twice. What if Part One is bad??). [Lainey]

Highly relevant to our interests: The Daring Jewel Thief Who Preyed on Dallas High Society. [Texas Monthly]

Seems potentially juicy: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Want Each Other to Testify in Trial Over Their Divorce. I am surprised; I thought this was more congenial than it may be. [People]

This is COOL: In Ancient Pompeii, Dinner Surrounded by Myth. [NYT, gifted link]

Wild: The Town That Kept Its Nuclear Bunker a Secret for Three Decades. [Smithsonian]

At Bon Appetit: Dividing the Cookware in a Divorce

I somehow watched a lot of WrestleMania on Sunday and it was FUN! Now I want to go. Anyway, at Vulture: Every WrestleMania Main Event, Ranked

At Messy Nessy Chic: The Artful Spy who Stopped Hitler from Emptying the Louvre. 

At The Ringer: Hallelujah: Normal, Nontournament ‘Jeopardy!’ Episodes Are Finally Back

Pajiba asks, Which Is More Irksome? A Monopoly Movie or Another Blair Witch Remake?

And the NYT wonders, Is Larry David the Most Unsung Fashion Critic of Our Time? [gifted link]

OMG: The 30-year hunt to find the Priscilla, Queen of the Desert bus: ‘My jaw was on the ground’

LA Mag reports, Hollywood Is Already Buzzing About Adapting $30 Million Easter Sunday Heist for the Screen.

(Photo by George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)