Happy March 1st! Don’t forget to pay your rent.

If you want some cheering up, I loved reading the comments on this post, all about what you’re looking forward to this spring.

This is such an apt headline, at Lainey: Real Housewives: Cocaine Chaos

I really enjoy the Total Rec newsletter and I think you might be interested in reading this edition: The Scoop On The High Sport Dupe | Part One. (I bought the Old Navy ones linked but haven’t gotten them yet.)

There’s an Outlander prequel happening?! Actually…that seems about right. [The Hollywood Reporter]

This week marked the birthday of the inventor of my second most vital kitchen appliance, the TOASTER! (I eat a LOT of toast.) This is an interesting piece about toasters. [ThoughtCo]

At the Ringer: The Most Amusing and Revealing Takeaways From the NFLPA’s Annual Player Survey. This is always so dishy. Big news: The Jaguars got rid of the (literal) rats!!

I also really enjoyed this essay from artist Cintra Wilson about a highly annoying client: Why Artists Are Going Extinct

I took a look at the ten most-bought items from our shopping posts this year so far. One of them DELIGHTED ME.

What’s going on with Justin and Hailey Bieber? (I agree with Lainey that people are toxic in her Instagram comments, I do not know why she doesn’t restrict them.)  [Lainey]

This headline is such a ride: Pitbull’s New Restaurant Will Be in a Vegas Walmart. [Bon Appetit]

I know several of you will want to read this: Yorgos Lanthimos on adapting Alasdair Gray’s Poor Things. [LitHub]

This Willy Wonka scandal….is entertaining but also totally insane? [Defector]

Fun, at Texas Monthly: The Best Looks From the Houston Rodeo’s Opening Day

Travel and Leisure writes about The Ultimate Vacation to Take in Every Decade of Your Life

At Atlas Obscura: The Victorian Ladies Who Smuggled a Mummy Case Out of Egypt. Don’t do that!

The New Yorker wonders, Can You Really Want an Oscar Too Much?

This is A LOT of drama: Did Dominic Purcell Date Noah Cyrus Before Marrying Her Mom Tish? [Pajiba]

Tom and Lorenzo report: Audrey Hepburn’s Iconic SABRINA Gown Designed by Givenchy to Be Auctioned

Important work at the NYT: Does Beer Before Liquor Actually Make You Sicker? (My hangover prevention tip is to drink as much coconut water as possible before you go to bed.) [gifted link]

Whoa! A woman’s Stanley cup LITERALLY took a bullet for her? That’s wild. I hope Stanley sends her a new one, given that this one GOT SHOT. (There is something very American about someone’s Stanley cup getting shot.) [USA today]

Finally, over at Drinks With Broads,  a LOT HAPPENED: We had a live chat for the SAG Awards on Saturday! The next day, we ran down the best and worsts of the SAGs! Heather recapped another banger episode of Traitors! I recapped another bust of an episode of Capote vs the Swans, thank you for hate-watching with me! Finally, I also showed you photos of my eye-bags and we all tried to figure out a blind item! (ALSO, we’re interviewing Pamela Ribon AKA Pamie about being nominated for an Oscar for the newsletter next week, so we’re soliciting questions there for that!) Thank you again, so much, to everyone who has subscribed. We appreciate your support more than I can say. And if you enjoy our weekly free edition, imagine how much you’d love getting TWO editions a week if you upgrade to a paid subscription! (This is where I start imagining I’m doing a PBS pledge drive.) $5 a month gets you two issues a week — that’s $5 for 8 newsletters! — plus live chats during big events, all our recaps, and the ability to comment, plus you can tell everyone that you support independent media! If only I had a tote bag to give you!

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