Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you’ve been eating your Wheaties, both the SAGs AND the Independent Spirit Awards are this upcoming weekend. We’ll have full coverage here at the site starting Monday.

Are you feeling low-key bummed out? I rounded up a bunch of little things that you might want to treat yourself to.

At Drinks With Broads, we brought you so much! Here’s your recap of the latest episode of Feud, which is a fascinating mess! Heather watched and weighed in on J. Lo’s new (insane) movie, and we tackled the new adaptation of One Day, the newest Vanity Fair Hollywood Edition, and wacky failed pilots. As we’ve recently hit the one year anniversary of the newsletter, I want to give HUGE THANKS to everyone who has subscribed. The income from paid subscribers literally kept this website afloat this past year, as the ad sales market is currently dire. Also: it’s been SO FUN.

I’m excited about this new Zendaya movie. (I’m not talking about Dune.) [Lainey]

Pajiba asks, How Can a Series With as Much Going for It as ‘The New Look’ Be This Dull? Do you agree? (I haven’t been watching it. I will say that it had VERY little buzz.)

This seems like a great exhibit. Report back, if you go: The Met Aims to Get Harlem Right, the Second Time Around [NYT, gifted link]

Speaking of art, at Smithsonian: Inside the Biggest Art Fraud in History. You know we’re always here for ART FRAUD!

Amazing: “Lyn Slater, 70, was deemed the Accidental Icon by a college fashion student. She now has nearly one million followers on social media and is upending notions of aging.” [NYT, gifted link]

This bag is CUTE. [J.Crew, affiliate link]

This is an fascinating salute to an interesting woman: Monica Hickey, Doyenne of Bridal Gowns, Dies at 100. [NYT, gifted link]

This piece about filming in Leonard Bernstein’s actual house for Maestro  (and creating the rest of the sets) is really interesting. [Curbed]

Very relevant to my interests, at Eater: Which Lasagna Recipe Is Worth the Work? Now I want lasagna.

At The Cut: “Hanging On by a Thread: Why an independent designer today can dress celebrities, win awards, and still be one paycheck away from shuttering.”

INTERESTING: Narciso Rodriguez Is Returning to Fashion.  Julianna Margulies will be JAZZED. [Town & Country]

I’m gonna do this when I win the lotto: The Guy That Built His House in a Sports Stadium. (This guy did OWN the Astrodome.) It is HIDEOUS. [Messy Nessy Chic]

I laughed at this characterization of Taylor and Travis: “Season two of TNT has officially begun, on location. Not unusual for hit shows – bigger budget with a bigger audience.” [Lainey]

Interesting: How the loneliness crisis is fueling “stan culture” [Salon]

We were on Kate Casey’s podcast this week, talking about Real Housewives and The Traitors! It was a blast. Give it a whirl.

We also had a great chat this week about what everyone is currently reading!

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