I’m very curious about Annie’s new show, Kevin Can F**k Himself, which is a swipe at shows like Kevin Can Wait where a woman fleshed out as little more than “basic sitcom wife” is stuck with a boorish husband whom we’re supposed to like better. She’s doing press for it at the Tribeca Film Festival (for some reason? I guess film fests are trying to get in on Peak TV too), and hit the carpet in this ensemble. I have to give her credit for carrying this overloaded quirk-a-thon well, but I want to edit it. Generally, those ’80s tapered leather pants do nothing for me, but actually, they could stay with a more streamlined shirt. A tank top or white tee would have been enough, but I also think you could try it with JUST the red part of the shirt. Excise the blooming white puffs oozing out from the sleeves, and we’re already in a simpler place. Then again, maybe I am the one who should f**k myself. What do you think? About the outfit, I mean. I assume most people think I should go f**k myself.

[Photo: Shutterstock]