Usually, I’ll see a picture of a celeb at a film festival, or a gala, and think, “WHAT IS THAT ON THEIR HEAD” or on their dress, only to click in and find out they’re holding a statuette (I’m looking at you, Various Glass Objects of the Palm Springs Film Festival). Here, I thought, “Oh, Julie Bowen is holding a very elaborate thing she just won, what is it?” And clicked in and realized it’s just that her hands are in her pockets, and that is a print on her dress. It looks a bit plonked there, like they were desperate to make a basic dropped-waist blue dress look snazzy and didn’t really come up with an organic design, so much as… a way to fill space. I feel like you could take that idea and deploy it differently. What would you do?


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[Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]