Allison is in this psychological thriller called Ma, which I assume means that — in addition to Mom — she’s in a phase of her career where every project she does will have some version of that theme in the title. There’s Mother, of course, about Mrs. Pence, and Madre, and Mama, and Marmee (she will NOT stand for Amy’s shenanigans), and Mum, and Materfamilias — that one will be super pretentious, maybe a Kenneth Branagh joint — and of course Mor, her Norwegian indie. Get ready.

Anyhoo, I am torn on whether this dress is tremendously glam or just rather a lot. It might be both. Certainly she looks good in it, and it’s not heinous, or anything, but it veers into cheesy for me and I think stepping it back might’ve fixed that. For example, subtracting the hot pink altogether would make it no less formal; it would still be striking, and you’d ave the ombre sequins still for a hit of color. You could even lop off the sleeve right where it turns sheer, and it’d work. Or, keep the pink but clip it before it starts to look like high-end toilet-paper she accidentally brought with her out of the ladies’ room. So many choices.  Maybe she can keep trying them and at the future premiere of her Czech-language comedy Matka we can pick our favorite.