It’s not that I think this is fugly, necessarily? But I think this is too much dress for Constance Wu, and I’m wondering if there are any divine interventions we could make, short of, “Buy her something else.”

2024 Apex For Youth Gala

I will begin by saying the gloves do absolutely nothing for this, and the very boxy dress and the very long and heavy and wide train weigh her down. I’d start by shortening this, to mid-shin or knee, and add some shoes with more personality. The bodice clearly has boning in it, which makes it seem that much stiffer; if we can get that granular, I’d rather see it without and maybe add a belt or a waistpiece to break up all that grey. I’d lose the gloves, add a necklace, and chop the train and see if we could turn it into a cape or a wrap, and then maybe smooth all the hair back into a bun of sorts. As long as we’re being encouraged to dream out loud, we could REALLY camp it up with a fascinator, but you know. It might not be that kind of party, and also, baby steps.

[Photos: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]