I feel like — and forgive me if I simply have amnesia and this is false, but it feels true — Diane Kruger loves outfits with too many elements. This is a shorts suit with a white knotted shirt that has a 70s collar, AND there are silver disco lapels, AND the arms of a Muppet. She looks like she’s about to do a tap dance to the Sesame Street theme as covered by ABBA.  It was one of the more restrained offerings from Michael Kors’s ’70s inflected show — the one Barry Manilow closed — but I still think it could stand down a touch. Honestly, I think it’s the shirt. It’s so Shirley Temple somehow. That’s where I’d start. What say ye, Fug Nation? Fug, Unfug, or Fab?

Also, no, I have no idea why this photo needed to be taken at an angle, but I assume the photographer couldn’t get far enough back to include the shoes without doing this, and if so: I appreciate THAT commitment to the art.


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[Photo: Rex/Shutterstock]